When Chael Sonnen shared an incredible story of Jorge Masvidal knocking 3 men out in a bar brawl

Jorge Masvidal (left), Chael Sonnen (right) [Images courtesy: @gamebredfighter and @sonnench on Instagram]
Jorge Masvidal (left), Chael Sonnen (right) [Images courtesy: @gamebredfighter and @sonnench on Instagram]
Anurag Mitra

Jorge Masvidal isn't referred to as the 'BMF' of the fight game for nothing. According to a story Chael Sonnen once shared on the Bad Guy INC podcast, 'Gamebred' took out three men in a bar brawl. The story was originally narrated by Masvidal himself.

He spoke about the incident to Michael Bisping, who went on to tell Sonnen, and 'The American Gangster' made it public through his podcast. Masvidal was apparently sitting by the bar in a club when two men walked up to him from behind. One of them touched the gold chain Masvidal was wearing.

Fearing he was about to be robbed, Jorge Masvidal turned around and knocked out the man who touched his chain and meted out the same treatment to the person who accompanied him. Masvidal then went to the washroom and noticed someone walking inside after him.

Jorge Masvidal put that man to sleep as well, fearing he was a part of the group that tried to snatch his gold chain.

"Jorge's at a club, he was wearing a gold chain, I think he had a nice watch or something but these two guys walk up to him that Jorge doesn't know and one of them like flips the necklace, reaches down and flicks it. So Jorge doesn't know how to interpret that but thinks these guys are gonna rob it. Jorge knocks the one guy out that touched the necklace and turns with a hook and knocks out the other guy... So, Jorge knocks these two guys out and decides he's got to lay low while this scene is unfolding so he ducks into the bathroom. A guy comes in the bathroom right behind him. So in Jorge's mind, he's like 'I don't know this guy who just came in the bathroom is with those two other guys,' so Jorge knocks that guy out," Sonnen said.

Watch Chael Sonnen narrate the story below:

Jorge Masvidal's grudge match with Leon Edwards at UFC 269 is off

Masvidal just KO’d Till then threw hands at Edwards backstage #UFCLondon

Jorge Masvidal was expected to settle his rivalry with Leon Edwards in a welterweight clash scheduled to take place at UFC 269 next month. Masvidal, however, was forced to pull out of the fight due to an injury. Details of the injury remain unknown at the moment.

Edwards took to Twitter to address the situation, claiming he knew Masvidal didn't want to fight him.

Disappointed but honestly I knew this fraud didn't want to fight me anyway. He was just a stop off on the way to the title. The goal remains the same. Much needed family time now, @usman84kg i will see you soon.

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