"It certainly wasn't my intention to have him on my show to argue with him"- When Joe Rogan apologized for arguing with Steven Crowder on JRE

Steven Crowder (left) Joe Rogan (right) (image courtesy @louderwithcrowder Instagram)
Steven Crowder (left) Joe Rogan (right) (image courtesy @louderwithcrowder Instagram)

Episode 917 of The Joe Rogan Experience was not one of Joe Rogan's finest moments as a celebrated podcast host. The episode is notorious for the epic marijuana debate that Rogan and Steven Crowder engaged in.

During the episode, the Canadian political commentator pointed out some negative effects associated with the use of the drug. Rogan, who is a vehement supporter of weed, lost his cool and argued with Crowder for a good portion of the show.

Later the same day, in an Instagram post, Rogan penned an apology note to Crowder for his behavior on the podcast. The UFC commentator stated that he liked Steven Crowder as a person even though he disagreed with the Canadian on certain things.

The JRE host also admitted that he got a little too tipsy during the podcast. Furthermore, the UFC commentator took full responsibility for the episode going off the rails:

"During the podcast we got into the subject of marijuana and by that time we (especially me) were quite a bit drunk and didn't exactly handle the conversation really well... it certainly wasn't my intention to have him on my show to argue with him...I take 100% responsibility for it going off the rails, and I'm truly sorry."

Listen to the full JRE episode below:

When Steven Crowder explained to Joe Rogan why he got defensive on JRE

When Joe Rogan came on Steven Crowder's YouTube channel days after the infamous episode 917 of JRE, the Canadian political commentator explained to the JRE host why he got defensive on the podcast.

Crowder explained that he couldn't see or read any of the articles JRE producer Jamie Vernon was pulling up from the internet to support Rogan's stance on weed. The political commentator added that he was making his points based on his memory, while Vernon had a "never-ending cheat sheet" thanks to the internet:

"This is why I get defensive [when Vernon brought up articles from the Internet], I can't read it because the TV is not working, I can't know what Jamie is bringing up. I'm going on memory, he has a never-ending cheat sheet. There is no way I can argue with that. And I would say! you're right about this I'm incorrect. When I got defensive, it was two people saying, admit that you're lying that it's bulls**t."

Watch Steven Crowder explain to Joe Rogan why he got defensive on the JRE below:


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