Which was Prichard Colon's last fight? Revisiting the match that ended his boxing career

PBC on NBC: Lamont Peterson v Felix Diaz Jr.
PBC on NBC: Lamont Peterson v Felix Diaz Jr.

It's been eight years since Prichard Colon's last fight.

'Digget' has been back on fans' minds as it's approaching the eight-year anniversary of his last appearance. In October 2015, the then-rising prospect Colon was matched up with Terrell Williams on a high-profile Fox Sports card.

What should've been a night for the undefeated youngster to show his skills instead turned to tragedy. That night eight years ago, Colon repeatedly got hit on the back of his head. Whenever he told the referee about it, he was instructed to "take care of it" himself.

The horrid refereeing and cowardly rabbit punches from Terrell Williams wound up nearly costing Richard Colon his life. At the beginning of round nine, the fight was stopped after his corner removed his gloves, citing dizziness and weakness stemming from the shots.

Following the bout, Colon was escorted to his dressing room. There, he began vomiting blood and would enter a coma. For over 200 days, it seemed like the future star would never wake up. Luckily, he did. However, he won't be the same due to the illegal strikes he suffered.

Prichard Colon's last fight: How is he doing today?

Eight years on from Prichard Colon's last fight, he's still fighting, but in a different capacity.

'Digget' arguably shouldn't even be alive today. The damage that he suffered in his fight with Terrell Williams was devastating and made worse by the inaction from everyone involved. Following the fight, Colon and his family sued the promoters of the bout, as well as the ringside doctor and referee.

However, that case hasn't had any movement in years, and might not ever be settled. As far as Colon himself is concerned, his mother has continued to give updates on his recovery on social media.

Nearly a decade removed from Prichard Colon's last fight, it's clear that he still has a long way to go. However, his progress is nothing short of inspiring. Eight years ago, it was a question of how he would live, and if he would, he would likely be in a vegetative state.

However, Colon has continued to work in physical rehab. As of now, the boxer is able to communicate in a limited capacity, move in a motorized wheelchair, work out in small bursts, and more.

Furthermore, it seems that the boxer is now attempting to focus on walking. While he still has a ways to go, it seems that his fighter's heart never left him.

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