Who is Amber Nichole Miller, former UFC ring girl, and partner of Tito Ortiz? 

Tito Ortiz (left), Amber Nichole Miller (right) [Credits: ambernicholemiller2 via Instagram]
Tito Ortiz (left), Amber Nichole Miller (right) [Credits: ambernicholemiller2 via Instagram]

Amber Nichole Miller is Tito Ortiz's partner and fiance. She was also one of the first UFC ring girls in history. She started modeling at the age of 5 and remains a full-time model.

While bartending at Whiskey Sky at Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada, Miller was asked to be a UFC ring girl by Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta (the primary owners of the UFC at the time). Speaking to Wingman Magazine, Nichole Miller said:

"started at UFC 34 and it was at the MGM Grand and it was Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton...the Fertittas were looking for ring girls since they were going to be supporting this new fighting organization ( just the UFC, no big deal.) They asked if I was interested and I had watched the Underground UFC and WWF and WWE growing up and I definitely wanted to do it. It was really exciting to sit in the front row and be there at the whole event and atmosphere. I also did the first Ultimate Fighter shows and my last event was UFC 60."

Amber Nicole Miller met Tito Ortiz via her profession. 'The Huntington Beach Bad Boy' was on top of his game when the two first crossed paths.

Speaking about her relationship with Tito Ortiz, Amber Nichole Miller explained how she met the former UFC star. She also discussed how she developed a soft corner for Ortiz after his separation from his ex-wife.

" At that time I was close friends with a lot of the superstars at that time, like Chuck (Liddell), Tito (Ortiz) and Randy ( Couture). And years later you know, we kept in contact" said Miller. "I saw at a point that a mutual friend retweeted a post of his about being lonely and that it was hard to be a single dad and I reached out to him about the whole situation. He confided in me and we started talking a lot.. [After his knee surgery] I went to back to Vegas and we kept talking all the time and it grew into a bond and after a while I fell in love with him and with his boys and it has been great for all of us."

Tito Ortiz recently took to Instagram to announce his official engagement with Amber Nichole Miller

Tito Ortiz took to Instagram on his eighth dating anniversary with Amber Nichole Miller to share the news about getting engaged to his long-term partner.

The nostalgic photo posted by Ortiz came from when he was still fighting in the UFC and Amber Nichole Miller was an octagon girl. The two have been dating since 2014.

Amber Nichole Miller also shared the news via Instagram:

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