Who did Dana White threaten with "federal prison" warning? A throwback to the viral moment

Dana White [Image courtesy: @mmamania (Twitter)]
Dana White [Image courtesy: @mmamania (Twitter)]

When James Krause was ousted for a betting scandal involving his fighters, UFC president Dana White threatened "federal prison," warning fighters (and coaches) against betting on themselves on the cards that they were on.

Krause would showcase his betting line on his discord server, with sources claiming that they placed bets through him as agent on the betting site. In return, he would offer a line of credit along with referral kickbacks.

Regarding the scandal, White said during the UFC 282 press conference last December:

"It is what it is, there's an investigation going on and, we'll see how it plays out. I'm not worried about it [affecting the integrity of the sport and organization] at all. We let these guys know not to bet on fights. Do you know what the outcome of this is? Like, if I penalize them, you get cut. They're going to f*****g federal prison. Federal f*****g prison! If you're that f*****g stupid, and somebody else wants to do it, knock yourself out. There's not enough money in it, to ruin your life, and not [just] go to jail - [you] go to federal prison."

Skip to 0:23 for Dana White's rant about the James Krause betting scandal:


Dana White's love-hate relationship with The Schmo

At the UFC 288 press conference, it seemed like The Schmo was on track to receiving the same treatment as Ariel Helwani from company president Dana White.

In April this year, Endeavor announced the merger between the UFC and WWE. At the UFC 288 press conference, after White made it clear that he didn't want to talk about the merger, The Schmo decided to bring it up with Kevin Holland. Here's what The Schmo asked 'Trailblazer':

"WWE/UFC merger - one umbrella. Past or present, [in] professional wrestling - if you could take one person with a steel chair to skull, who would it be? Or UFC fighter in the wrestling ring?"

Skip to 23:45 for The Schmo's question:


Holland played it safe and refused to comment saying that he was "trying not to get in trouble." Dana White didn't hold back from interjecting, thanking Holland before saying:

"Any other stupid questions?"

While not saying much at the press conference, White later went off on The Schmo, which was reminiscent of his attack on Ariel Helwani. The UFC president called him a "f*****g idiot" and told him to "sit down and shut the f**k up."

However, it seems like the two are on good terms as White appeared on the journalist's show after the UFC 288 press conference.

Check out Dana White's interview with The Schmo at UFC 288:


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