Who is the owner of UFC sponsor PRIME?

Dana White with Logan Paul
KSI's cutout (left) Dana White (center) with Logan Paul (right) [Image Courtesy: @drinkprime on Instagram]

The UFC, the premier mixed martial arts organization, and PRIME, the sports drink brand co-founded by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI, have announced a multi-year global marketing partnership that combines one of the most popular sports in the world with a rapidly growing hydration company.

Under the agreement, PRIME will become the official sports drink of the UFC worldwide, giving the brand extensive access to key UFC assets. This includes every UFC Pay-Per-View and Fight Night event, which will feature telecast promotions and exclusive labeling inside the renowned Octagon. This partnership represents a significant opportunity for the hydration drink to expand its reach and establish itself as a leader in the sports drink industry.

KSI and Logan Paul are well-known figures who have endorsed and frequently promoted the energy drink, PRIME. However, they only hold a 20% ownership stake in the company and are not considered to be the owners. The ownership and management of PRIME Hydration are instead held by Congo Brands, a Kentucky-based merchandising and distribution company. While KSI and Logan Paul have a close association with the brand, their day-to-day operations and decision-making are primarily handled by Congo Brands.

Congo Brands, a company specializing in products aimed at enhancing outdoor experiences, was established in 2014 by entrepreneurs Max Clemons and Trey Steiger.

The company has a team of experts in product design, engineering, and manufacturing who work to create a range of products, including water bottles, hydration packs, and water filtration systems. Since its inception, Congo Brands has been dedicated to improving the outdoor experience for its customers.

Gordon Ramsay's bold review of Logan Paul's PRIME energy drink

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay was a guest on a talk show on British radio network Heart, where he shared his frank thoughts about Logan Paul's energy drink.

Gordon Ramsay was asked about his thoughts on energy drinks, and he replied that in his opinion, they taste like if someone is drinking perfume. He didn't hold back in expressing his distaste for the flavor of such beverages.

The British Chef quoted:

"well it tastes like I'm swallowing perfume."

When asked how he would grade the hydration drink on a scale of zero to ten, Ramsay replied:

"It's like a sort of dreg's of Gina D'Acampo tiramisu. What I would give out of ten ? Zero."

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