Who is Richard Cullen? Explaining the controversy surrounding his involvement with UFC star Ian Garry and his wife Layla Anna-Lee

Richard Cullen
Image credits: Richard Cullen on Linkedin and @laylaannalee on Instagram

The name Richard Cullen made a lot of headlines a few months ago because of his involvement with UFC star Ian Garry and his wife Layla Anna-Lee.

Cullen, a renowned sports nutritionist, was brought into Ian Garry's camp by his wife, Layla Anna-Lee, back in 2021. It has also been suggested that the sports nutritionist lives and travels with Garry's family.

However, what most people don't know is that Richard Cullen is the ex-husband of Layla Anna-Lee. The two got married back in 2014 and had a son, Lucas, shortly after. However, their marriage did not last, and the two ended up separating.

After a failed marriage with Cullen, Anna-Lee started seeing Garry, and after dating for a few years, the two tied the knot in 2022. That said, it's safe to say that things seem to be pretty awkward from the outsider's perspective.

As a result, many in the MMA community have criticized the move as it is believed that Ann-Lee brought in Cullen as a nutritionist because of her past relationship with him.

Andrew Schulz sees another side of the rumors circulating about Ian Garry's wife and Richard Cullen

The rumors of Richard Cullen staying and traveling with Ian Garry's family spread like wildfire in the MMA community. It became a topic of much discussion and trolling on social media in the days that followed.

However, stand-up comedian and podcaster Andrew Schulz, who is also an MMA fan, explored a completely different angle of the story. In one of his podcast episodes, Schulz said that if the rumors are true, then Cullen living with Garry's family is testimony to the UFC fighter's confidence. He said:

"This is the confidence you have when you can murder people. Like when you, with your bare hands, can murder anybody, you'll be like, 'Yo, bring your exes around.' You know what I'm saying? Like, that's a confidence that we don't have."

He added:

"We're like, 'I might have to fight this guy.' He might be nice but when you can murder people with your bare hands, you'll be like, 'Yo, bring all your exes to dinner!'"

Watch Schulz make the statement below (3:45):


The controversy around Ian Garry and his wife has cooled down in recent weeks. However, it seems that it will become a topic of discussion once again as he prepares to make a comeback against Geoff Neal at UFC 298 this weekend.

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