"You f***ing rat" - Sean Strickland exposes Ali Abdelaziz's unethical actions to sabotage his chances against Abus Magomedov

Sean Strickland (left) and Ali Abdelaziz (right) [Image credits: Getty Images and @aliabdelaziz00 on Twitter]
Sean Strickland (left) and Ali Abdelaziz (right) [Image credits: Getty Images and @aliabdelaziz00 on Twitter]

Sean Strickland recently went off on famous MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz and brutally slagged him off for snooping on 'Tarzan' in the gym before the Abus Magomedov fight. Strickland beat Magomedov via second-round TKO at UFC Vegas 76 on July 1.

Much to the amusement of many, the ever-outspoken 'Tarzan' recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast. Not long after the episode began, Rogan and Strickland talked about MMA, and the UFC middleweight explained why he dislikes the famous Egyptian MMA manager.

On the JRE MMA Show #143, Sean Strickland narrated how Ali Abdelaziz tried to hamper his chances against Abus Magomedov by spying on him in the gym. Calling Abdelaziz a "f**king c*nt," Strickland said:

"So this f**king c*nt, Ali... He comes to the gym, he watches me spar with Marvin Vettori... I don't give a f**k, Marvin's a friend, I'm trying to help him. And f**king three weeks later you pull out this f**king guy to fight me? And then you start betting that he's going to beat me?"

Sean Strickland continued:

"You f**king rat. You watch me spar, and you pull this f**king guy out of your hat... I don't think managers should be in the gym."

Watch the entire JRE MMA Show #143 here:

Brendan Schaub on Sean Strickland dominantly beating Abus Magomedov at UFC Vegas 76

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub recently weighed in on Sean Strickland's impressive performance against Abus Magomedov at UFC Vegas 76. The popular stand-up comic praised 'Tarzan', claiming that he had never seen a Dagestani fighter mentally collapse during a fight like Magomedov.

While many fans questioned Sean Strickland for accepting a fight against a promotional newbie, some claimed that 'Tarzan' had gotten himself in trouble against the bigger and stronger Dagestani fighter. However, Strickland proved his doubters wrong by putting on a striking masterclass to secure a second-round stoppage.

In a recent episode of The Schaub Show, Brendan Schaub opened up about the outspoken middleweight's performance and how Strickland exceeded his expectations. He said:

"He melted this dude and on paper, there's a reason why Strickland was the favorite, but on paper, you look at Magomedov, the way he fights, his skill level... He's a bigger dude than Sean, good wrestling, good skill set."

Schaub continued:

"Thought it would maybe go 5 rounds and Strickland would edge it out maybe... Just his pressure and I don't think I've ever seen a Dagestani mentally break like that, he just beat the s*** out of this kid."

Watch the full video below:


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