You can't just come to the table with your ego shoved up your a** - Chael Sonnen laughs at Oscar De La Hoya offering to do business with Dana White 

Chael Sonnen reacts to Oscar De La Hoya's comments on Dana White
Chael Sonnen reacts to Oscar De La Hoya's comments on Dana White
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Chael Sonnen isn't convinced that Oscar De La Hoya has the bargaining power to persuade former rival Dana White to do business with him.

De La Hoya recently extended an olive branch to the UFC president, with whom he has feuded on social media over the past several years. Not only did 'The Golden Boy' say he wanted to bury the hatchet with White, but indicated that he's interested in working with the MMA promoter.

However, Sonnen doesn't think De La Hoya can just waltz into White's office, apologize, and become a business partner by the end of their meeting. Laughing off the former world boxing champ's proposal, Sonnen said:

"I got an idea for you. It's a tough one [but] you have to come to the table with something. You have to come with no just your hat in your hand, not just with your gold medal in your pocket and your ego shoved down your throat and up your a**."

Check out Chael Sonnen's comments in the clip below:


Nonetheless, Sonnen said he wanted to hear De La Hoya's pitch to White. 'The American Gangster' added that he would be on board for the partnership if De La Hoya somehow convinces White to join forces.

Dana White's beef with Oscar De La Hoya

The feud between UFC president Dana White and Golden Boy Promotions founder Oscar De La Hoya allegedly stems back to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor superfight in 2017.

Of course, White and the UFC were heavily involved in promoting the crossover matchup as they represented McGregor. However, De La Hoya voiced out his reservations regarding the bout and urged boxing fans to boycott the "circus" boxing matchup.

White and De La Hoya have since been at odds with one another. However, the Mexican-American boxing superstar said he's now ready to mend fences with White. During an interview with TMZ Sports, 'The Golden Boy' said:

"I want to fix things up with Dana... I criticized the UFC a bit, and I was wrong for it. Yeah, I would love to patch things up with Dana."

Catch Oscar De La Hoya's comments in the clip below:


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