"You still rep what you fled?" - Sean Strickland questions immigrants flying "foreign flags" in America 

Sean Strickland blasts immigrants in his recent post. [Image courtesy: Getty Images]
Sean Strickland blasts immigrants in his recent post. [Image courtesy: Getty Images]

Sean Strickland, known for his brash personality and history of making provocative statements, took to his social media platform to express his disapproval of immigrants who fly the flags of their home countries in the United States.

He specifically targeted Hispanics born in the United States who display the Mexican flag.

Questioning their loyalty, Strickland wrote:

“I'm so sick of seeing foreign flags in America..I don't get it. You left your corrupt country to come to the USA and yet you still rep what you fled? The worst is Hispanics born in America flying a Mexican flag.. Where is your loyalty.. Just go back.. Enjoy your foreign flag”

Check out Strickland's post below:

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Sean Strickland doubles down on his disagreements with the US Government policies

Sean Strickland took to X to express his discontent with a range of issues concerning the United States government.

In a recent post, Strickland listed historical events like the JFK assassination and the Vietnam War, alongside concerns about open borders, suggesting these issues fuel resentment towards the United States.

He questioned:

"You know if you easily look at America, the JFK murder, Vietnam, wars in the Middle East, open border replacement of Americans, you just can't help but feel a resentment for the U.S.A. And I say this as an American-loving patriot. This country makes me sick. How can we fix it?"

Check out Sean Strickland's post below:

Strickland's views on immigration were particularly strong. He argued that the prevalence of Mexican flags and the perceived decline in English usage indicated a deliberate attempt by the government to replace American voters:

"One of the worst things for mental health is loving your country. I drive home and I see Mexican flags everywhere. I don't even think English is the language on the west coast anymore. You have a government actively looking to replace you as a voter. Damn shame to see."

Check out Sean Strickland's post below:

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