Zion Clark, man born without legs gears up for first professional MMA fight

Zion Clark poses with John Cena; Zion Clark wheelchair racing, boxing, skating
Zion Clark gears up for first professional MMA fight. [Image credits: @bigz97 on Instagram]

Zion Clark is set to debut as a professional MMA fighter. The 25-year-old is all set to lock horns with Eugene Murray on December 17th in North County San Diego

Clark is no ordinary fighter, as he was born without legs due to caudal regression syndrome, a rare disorder that impairs the development of the lower body. Achieving a feat of this degree took a lot of hard work and persistence for Clark, but the fighter was not one to give up.

In a recent interview with Fox LA, Clark had this to say about his latest venture into the MMA world:

"I'm not exceptional because I don't have legs and I'm an athlete. I'm exceptional because I have a drive and I live by the mantra ‘No excuses’ and I push myself forward every day...This is the start of another professional career for me and I'm here to rip his throat out and put on a show for the crowd."

Zion Clark has several accomplishments to his credit. The Ohio native set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest 20-meter run on two hands. Clark is also known for skateboarding, climbing, and playing the drums.

Zion Clark wishes to compete in the UFC, urges Dana White for a contract

Zion Clark has earned the title of 'Warrior' for himself, and his achievements have certainly demonstrated why. After announcing his intention to compete in mixed martial arts, the Ohio native took to Twitter to mention Dana White.

He expressed his desire to sign a contract with the UFC, one of the top promotions in the sport. The athlete was inspired to compete in the UFC after internet sensation Hasbulla Magomedov joined the promotion in October:

Clark tweeted:

“No way Hasbulla got a UFC contract i literally fight guys twice my size and still win. If it true I’m throwing little man when I see him like a football. I swear then give me the contract DANA UNLESS YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE DISABLED LEVELING UP LIKE ME!!”

Check out his tweet below:

Hasbulla has officially joined the UFC, with a five-year contract being confirmed by both him and Dana White. However, the UFC has yet to announce who his opponent will be and when he will make his debut in the octagon.

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