Robin Catalan shares his hobby outside of training and fighting

Robin Catalan takes a break from martial arts sometimes. [Photo: ONE Championship]
Robin Catalan takes a break from martial arts sometimes. [Photo: ONE Championship]

Robin Catalan’s life may revolve around martial arts but, like everyone, the Filipino fighter also has a hobby to keep his mind off his career from time to time.

In an interview with ONE Championship, Catalan revealed that he has a way to escape from reality when he needs it:

“Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed riding the motorcycle. I’ve been riding with friends since I was a kid. It’s a great stress reliever. You get to go anywhere, you get to unwind, it’s a great pastime.”

‘The Ilonggo’ comes from a family of martial artists, with most of his brothers and sisters also competing in various disciplines. He trains in the Catalan Fighting System, headed by his brother and fellow ONE Championship competitor, Rene Catalan.

Similar to his brother’s aim of helping people by teaching martial arts, Robin Catalan also hopes to use his hobby for the greater good:

“I have a motorcycle group called R150 All Star Nation. Sometimes I do group rides with them and then we do outreach programs.” He explained further, “We identify those people who are in need all over the Philippines and we conduct a ride for a cause to raise funds to those who are truly in need, those who are sick who don't have money for medication.”

Robin Catalan knows the feeling of struggling financially, as his family struggled to make ends meet in his youth. This helped motivate him to extend whatever help he could to others:

“It’s still nice to reach out and still help even though we’re struggling ourselves. We usually chip in and give out to those in need. It’s fun. It’s a great experience. You get to meet a lot of people, it’s a great stress reliever and it’s an amazing feeling to help out.”

Robin Catalan returns to action at ONE: Heavy Hitters

Robin Catalan is taking a break from his motorcycle group as he focuses on getting back to his winning ways at ONE Championship’s first event of the year.

Standing in his way is Bali MMA standout Elipitua Siregar, who is looking for a triumphant return to the ONE Championship Circle after almost two years away from action.

The young Indonesian fighter has only lost once in his five bouts in ONE Championship and could prove to be a tough challenge for Robin Catalan.

With a talent-rich strawweight division, every win counts for both fighters as they try to climb up the ranks to contend for the world title.

Their matchup kicks off all the action at ONE: Heavy Hitters, which will be broadcast live on January 14.

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