UFC 235 Results: Champion gets destroyed in title fight, referee makes a massive mistake 

Modified 04 Mar 2019
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#3. Robbie Lawler (28-1-1) vs. Ben Askren (18-0-1) (Welterweight)

It was an underwhelming end, to say the least.
It was an underwhelming end, to say the least.

It was finally time for Ben Askren's UFC debut as he was set to take on the extremely dangerous Robbie Lawler. Funky vs Ruthless! Let's go!

Round 1: Askren shot for the double leg from the onset. Askren got Lawler's back but Lawler flipped him, picked him up and dropped him straight to the mat! Askren looked discombobulated.

Lawler unloaded with some monstrous shots! Askren seemed out but somehow, and I mean somehow hung in there! Holy s***! Askren survived and his face was painted in red by the end of the exchange.

Askren got back to his gameplan as he pinned Lawler down to the cage. Askren worked his way for a double leg again. He got Lawler down and locked in the Bulldog choke. Askren squeezed! Herb Dean stepped in and looked at Lawler's hands, which seemed to have gone limp. Dean lifted it up again but it looked like Lawler was out. The referee stopped the fight but Lawler was still conscious. He protested as soon as Askren unhooked the choke. That looked like a very bad stoppage!

Results: Ben Askren def. Robbie Lawler via technical submission (Bulldog Choke)

All the controversy apart, Askren showed legitimate toughness to survive the deadly onslaught of the former UFC Welterweight Champion. He stuck to his gameplan and worked his way to a position of submission.

Lawler was no doubt unlucky but Askren didn't buckle under the Ruthless one's power, which in itself is a major feat. We just have one word - REMATCH!

Published 03 Mar 2019
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