UFC 235 Results: Champion gets destroyed in title fight, referee makes a massive mistake 

Modified 04 Mar 2019
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#5. Jon Jones (23-1-1) vs. Anthony Smith (31-13) (Light Heavyweight Championship)

The tale of the tape.
The tale of the tape.

Main event time!

Round 1: Cautious start as Smith got in a leg kick. Smith looked composed and technical in the early goings. Jones connected with a solid spinning leg kick.

Jones attempted an axe kick. Jones continued to work the body with a spinning kick, followed by a body shot.

Jones caught Smith's head kick and clinched onto the cage. Smith is known to be a great striker in the clinch and Jones knew that. They separated and scouted each other in the middle of the cage.

Bones continued to land the kicks to the body as the round came to a close.

10-9 Jones

Round 2: Jones came out more active as the volume multiplied. Jones with the kick and a spinning elbow. Jones with the upward shoulder thrusts in the clinch. The champion dictated the pace of the fight as he continued to rack up with numbers with kicks. The left kicks to the body of Smith connected all day for Jones.

Jones forced Smith to go back to a conventional stance which made it easier for the champ to land his combinations. Jones throwing strikes which in turn set up the incoming combination.

They clinched again as the round ended.

10-9 Jones

Round 3: The body kicks from Jones kept coming in. Vintage Jon Jones was on display as he landed a knee and level changed really well.

Jones looked for the takedown but Smith defended to great effect. Nasty knees from Jones in the clinch as it only helped soften Smith for the potential takedown.

Jones was the busier fighter in the clinch as he finally picked Smith up and slammed him to the ground. Bones imposed his will and strategically picked his challenger apart.

Jones ended the round on a strong note on top.

10-8 Jones

Round 4: Smith's corner tried to fire him up, however, will it work?

Jones kept it going as he landed with a big shot to the body and followed it with a succession of elbows. Smith laughed it off as Jones jumped in with a flying knee.

The champ yanked Smith to the grounedd as Smith looked done. Smith's blood sprinkled all over the mat as Bones dominated from the back.

Jones had landed a hundred more strikes than Smith as he continued to maul the Lionheart. Absolute dominance. Jones seemed to have landed an illegal knee as Smith had one hand on the mat. Bones got two points deducted after Herb Dean checked out the replays.


Round 5: Smith came into the final round with a little more urgency as he swung his hands and the overhands looked to come along.

Jones, though, kept tagging away with jabs and punches. Smith was gassed as Jones connected with a step-in elbow. They clinched once again and Jones did really well to control Smith's hands. He kept attacking Smith's thighs with punches. Jones almost put Smith to the ground as there were two minutes left on the clock.

Jones just looked way too superior for Smith as he wore Smith down in the final stages of the fight. All Smith did was to not get knocked out. Defensive survival mode for the challenger.

Jones finished off with a flying knee. A professional performance from the Champion.

10-9 Jones

Result: Jon Jones def. Anthony Smith via unanimous decision (48-44, 48-44, 48-44)

And still! It was the Jon Jones show and that's the bottom line.

Published 03 Mar 2019
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