UFC 246: Holly Holm gets back in win column with a dominant performance over Raquel Pennington

Holly Holm registered a huge win
Holly Holm registered a huge win
R. Nath
Modified 19 Jan 2020

In a rematch from her UFC debut, Holly "The Preacher's Daughter" Holm began 2020 with a big win as she defeated Raquel Pennington by unanimous decision.

Holly Holm appeared more motivated than ever as she entered the Octagon. Holly Holm began the charge while Raquel Penington's corner called for her to move forward. Holm's first moment came halfway into the first round when she had Pennington pressed against the fence.

She began to dig with her left and her physical strength helped her keep Pennington there while she used her dirty boxing. The strength advantage was clear. Holm had her in a potential guillotine position right before the buzzer hit.

Once the second round began, Holm was quick to go in the clinch and land shots on Pennington. Anytime Pennington reversed it by pushing Holm against the fence, the former Champion would quickly turn it around again. Pennington got some big knees to the body that caused Holm to disengage. However, it only took her a moment for Holm to frustrate her and press her against the fence.

Pennington had a moment with Holm's back against her and landed a few punches to end the second round. At this point, it appeared to be 2-0 to Holm.

Holm began the third round with a few attempts to the body. Pennington landed a knee to the body to create some separation. Holm went for a head kick but it was blocked on time. This time, it was Penington who initiated the clinch against the fence and unsurprisingly, Holm reversed it with ease.

Soon after, the two women began trading with the stand-up and Pennington almost got a takedown but Holm got right back up and went straight for the clinch battle. She pressed her against the fence with a minute and a half left. However, this time, the referee separated them deeming that Holm wasn't doing enough.

In the final half a minute, Pennington initiated the clinch but couldn't do anything with it.

Published 19 Jan 2020
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