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UFC News: Colby Covington wants to speak to Donald Trump about deporting Ali Abdelaziz

Anurag Mitra
17 Oct 2019, 20:28 IST

Colby Covington
Colby Covington

Former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion, Colby Covington and Ali Abdelaziz have been at loggerheads for quite some time now. They famously got into an altercation with each other at a buffet in Las Vegas, and since then, the pair went back and forth, trading verbal jabs at each other.

Dominance MMA CEO Abdelaziz has been in the news recently for allegedly punching fellow MMA manager Abe Kawa and 'The Chaos' found this as a perfect opportunity to rub some salt in the wounds of Khabib Nurmagomedov's manager. 

Colby Covington wants Ali Abdelaziz deported

Covington says that Abdelaziz should be deported and that he intends to talk to U.S. President, Donald Trump about the matter. (h/t BJ

“Well, first off, you got to get his name right. His name is Ali Abdelasleaze. The sleazeball is a terrorist rat. The guy has no boundaries, I can’t believe he hasn’t been deported yet. By the way, I’m about to get on the phone with Donald Trump after I get off this interview. That is the second time he has punched someone in the face in the last couple of months. He has two charges pending in Vegas against him."

Covington also alleged that Abdelaziz has a pending sexual assault case against him that not many know about.

“Also, I don’t know if you guys, you guys should do your research and do some digging into this, but he also has a sexual assault case against one of the UFC employees for trying to rape one of the UFC employees at an event. You should dig into that and start asking Ali those questions. The guy is a complete scumbag, a dirtbag, and I don’t know how he hasn’t been deported yet.”

Colby further accused Ali of turning his back on his own friends.

“He must have definitely ratted all his friends from Egypt and got them life sentences and must still be giving them informant type information to be getting off all the charges he has gotten off. That guy is literally done everything there is to in the book besides kill somebody that we know of. The guy is a sleazeball and that is that.”

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