UFC News: Dagestan erupts as Khabib Nurmagomedov successfully defends his title at UFC 242 (video)

UFC 242 Khabib v Poirier
UFC 242 Khabib v Poirier

UFC President Dana White has shared a video displaying utter chaos in the streets of Dagestan, as celebrations broke out after Khabib Nurmagomedov's win this weekend at UFC 242.

Dagestan is a small region in the south of Russia with a population of under 3 million people. It is fair to say that the people of Dagestan are not accustomed to sporting success, so it is no surprise that the entire population is so enamored with Khabib, as he blazes a trail through the UFC with an unprecedented level of dominance.

The Video

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The video shows the capital city of Makhachkala at an absolute standstill. Locals appear to have abandoned their vehicles as spontaneous celebrations and street parties break out, with a heavy police presence lining the streets.

What's next?

Celebrations of this nature are normally only seen when a nation wins the World Cup, so it will be a source of immense pride for the UFC to see their brand having such a profound effect in a foreign territory.

The video also adds to the immense star-power of Khabib, who is quickly becoming the biggest star in all of combat sports. He already tripled Conor McGregor's last payday with his appearance at UFC 242.

Dana White will be eager to get Khabib booked for another fight as soon as possible. Many have speculated that the UFC President is hoping to find a way to get Conor McGregor lined up for a rematch with Khabib.

However, MMA fans around the world are vocally campaigning to see Tony Ferguson handed a much-deserved shot at the lightweight title. Many argue that he represents the biggest challenge to the undefeated Nurmagomedov - Ferguson is on a 12-fight win streak in the lightweight division, after all.

Regardless of who steps up to face Khabib next, one thing is for certain - the people of Dagestan will be watching eagerly as their hero steps into the octagon once again.

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