UFC News: Dana White gives Greg Hardy update after UFC last night

Dana White had an update for Greg Hardy after UFC last night
Dana White had an update for Greg Hardy after UFC last night

What's the story?

At UFC Fight Night, 143: Cejudo vs Dillashaw last night, the co-main event garnered a lot of unwanted attention. After Greg Hardy was disqualified due to an illegal knee, it appeared to many fans that his UFC debut against Allen Crowder might also be his last fight for the company.

Since then, UFC President Dana White has revealed is not necessarily the case. Dana White updated the media and the fans during the post-fight conference about the future of Greg Hardy.

In case you didn't know...

Greg Hardy started off his UFC debut well, hitting Allen Crowder during his fight with him, and almost knocking him out. However, Crowder recovered, and that's where things went wrong for Hardy. Crowder swarmed him and exhausted him.

During the second round of the Greg Hardy - Allen Crowder fight, Hardy was taunted by Crowder, and he retaliated. When he dropped Crowder, he hit him with a knee to the side of the head.

The moment when Greg Hardy's knee hit Allen Crowder
The moment when Greg Hardy's knee hit Allen Crowder

Crowder had both of his knee's on the ground when Greg Hardy's knee hit him on the temple, and he could not continue, leading the referee to disqualify Hardy immediately.

You can read UFC results from last night for Hardy vs Crowder here.

The heart of the matter

Dana White said that while Hardy had been disqualified, Greg Hardy had impressed him with his performance.

“One thing that I did learn about Hardy tonight, he can fight. He can fight, he’s an athlete, not only can he punch hard, but he can take a big punch. He got hit with some good shots tonight, his ground game, I think everybody thought if he got taken down to the ground that was gonna be the end of him.” - (h/t Bloody Elbow).

Being sufficiently impressed with him after the event for UFC last night, Dana White had good news for Hardy. He said that he would give Hardy another fight in the UFC despite the UFC results of last night.

What's next?

Greg Hardy's next UFC fight might see the former Footballer focus more on the rules as he tries to recover from his recent loss.

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