UFC News: Dana White talks about when Zuffa Boxing will start

Dana White
Dana White
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What's the story?

Dana White has long been interested in running a promotion for Boxing, much like he does for MMA in the UFC. He has talked about how he would rebuild Boxing by using the current UFC business model to do so.

During his interview with Laura Sanko, while he did talk about the issues he had been facing with Cris Cyborg and the fact that Cyborg was now apparently 'done' with UFC, they also talked about Zuffa Boxing and his latest venture into the world of Boxing.

In case you didn't know...

Cris Cyborg and Dana White have been involved in insulting each other over mainstream media. It appeared that Dana White finally had enough of Cyborg and said that they were out of the 'Cyborg' business. He also revealed that Cris Cyborg had never wanted the Amanda Nunes fight to begin with.

You can read all about it here.

Dana White has always been fascinated by the Boxing business. He has said that he wanted to incorporate it into UFC as well.

Earlier this year, Dana White also met with promoter Eddie Hearn and had plans to get Zuffa Boxing off the ground after the Summer. He also revealed that he had plans to rebuild Boxing from the ground up, using the same strategy he had to save UFC from a demise.

The heart of the matter

In the interview, Dana White talked about the progress of Zuffa Boxing and how it was coming along.

"I've hired a guy to come in and run the Boxing side. Actually, over here, on the other side of my office, construction is going on right now. We are building offices and a war room, and all the things we're gonna need for this thing to start running in October. So I am hoping to have Zuffa Boxing fully functional and running in October."

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What's next?

It appears that from this October we may have an all-new take on Boxing.

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