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UFC News: Greg Hardy creates controversy by using inhaler in between rounds at Boston

Published Oct 19, 2019
Oct 19, 2019 IST

Greg Hardy using an inhaler
Greg Hardy using an inhaler

Greg Hardy was scheduled at UFC on ESPN 6 as the fight promotion went to Boston. He took on Ben Sosoli and was able to get the win over his opponent, taking his record in the UFC to 3-1.

However, as the fans have become used to Greg Hardy, it appears the former NFL player is not one who ever shies away from controversy. In fact, he created controversy yet again at UFC Boston, when he used an inhaler between rounds, prompting one official to say that was totally illegal. 

Greg Hardy's controversial debut in UFC

Coming into UFC on the back of alleged domestic assault charges, Hardy was already quite hated by a large portion of the fanbase. On top of that, his debut saw him disqualified when he hit a downed fighter with a knee.

Since then, he has gone on to win all three of his bouts, including the one in Boston. However, even in Boston, he could not help but raise eyebrows with his actions. 

Greg Hardy's use of an inhaler at UFC Boston

Hardy showed improved striking skills at UFC Boston, in a massive increase from the previous fights. His skills paid off, as he earned his first-ever Unanimous Decision in his professional MMA career, having finished every fight before this.

Hardy was slower in the later rounds and breathing hard. During the break, he took a hit on an inhaler which is completely illegal. That did not seem to matter and he got the win anyway.

According to Jon Anik, Hardy was allowed to use the inhaler and was told so by a commissioner. If that is the case, then this is something that no one has ever heard about before.


His actions ensured that he remained a hated figure among the fans, despite his improvement in fighting skills. Despite winning, there was no post-fight interview for him. It remains to be seen if the win stands or not, and how it is explained by Dana White and other officials.

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