Watch: Michel Pereira lands an illegal head stomp on Niko Price but referee allows the fight to continue

Michel Pareira vs Niko Price (Source: @UFC on Instagram)
Michel Pareira vs Niko Price (Source: @UFC on Instagram)

Michel Pereira was seen executing his flashy fighting style seamlessly against Niko Price in the UFC 264 prelims earlier tonight.

However, in the second round, the Brazilian fighter illegally head-stomped Price while doing his patented backflip. Referee Mark Smith did not penalize Pereira for the acrobatic maneuver, despite striking Price's head.

Check out Michel Pereira's backflip against Niko Price below:

Stomping an opponent when he/she is grounded is considered illegal according to the 2017 revised Unified Rules of MMA. The rules clearly state that a fighter is not allowed to initiate a striking action with the bottom of their foot or heel on a grounded opponent. The rules further define a grounded fighter as someone who has any part of the body, other than a single hand and soles of the feet touching the floor.

Niko Price was evidently a grounded fighter when Michel Pereira landed the backflip. UFC referee Big John McCarthy concurs with the notion that Price was illegally stomped by Pereira tonight. The ace referee tweeted:

"He is absolutely a downed fighter and once he is down, there is nowhere legally he can be stomped."

Michel Pereira gets the win against Niko Price at UFC 264

Following a three-round back-and-forth, Michel Pereira was declared the winner against Niko Price via a unanimous decision (29–28 x3). 'Demolidor' extended his winning streak to three with tonight's spectacular win.

In his post-fight octagon interview, Pereira called out UFC superstar Nate Diaz. The Brazilian striking ace wants to trade blows with the Stockton native next.

“Hey Nate, I’m here. Let’s fight,” said Michel Pereira.

Pereira previously stated in an interview with AG Fight that he appreciates Diaz's fighting style and would like to "exchange slaps" with the Stockton slugger.

"I’m a guy who appreciates the way he fights and I think it would be really cool, my style with his. We exchange a few slaps, exchange a few blows. He’s a guy who teases a lot and I think it’s cool. Imagine two styles fighting that way. I really want to fight him and, in the next fight, I’ll challenge him.”

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