Who is Maritza Masvidal and why did Colby Covington share a picture of the two of them together?

Colby Covington and Maritza Masvidal (left); Jorge Masvidal (right)
Colby Covington and Maritza Masvidal (left); Jorge Masvidal (right)

The woman in the photo with Colby Covington is supposedly Maritza Masvidal, who's rumored to be MMA megastar Jorge Masvidal’s ex-wife.

However, it remains unclear as to whether or not there’s any truth to this rumor. Jorge Masvidal’s friend-turned-rival, fellow UFC welterweight Colby Covington, put forth a photo of himself with a woman he claims is Mrs. Masvidal. Covington has posted the photo on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Maritza Masvidal or others – Jorge Masvidal is known to be guarded about his private life.

Be it Maritza Masvidal or others in his friends and family circles, Jorge Masvidal has always kept his private life away from the public eye. Considering that, it isn’t all too surprising that not much information regarding Maritza is available in the public domain.

Jorge Masvidal was in a relationship with Iman Kawa for about a decade. Kawa is a professional chef, a procurement specialist, and a successful entrepreneur. Iman is also the owner of the YouTube channel 'Better Than Your Mother's' where she hosts episodes on cooking and lifestyle.

Iman Kawa is the sister of MMA managers Malki Kawa and Abraham Kawa. Jorge Masvidal and his ex-wife Iman Kawa have three kids together – two daughters and a son. Masvidal notably used to feature with Iman in their social media posts back in 2017 and 2018. The couple eventually parted ways.


Why did Colby Covington share a picture of him and Jorge Masvidal’s rumored ex-wife Maritza Masvidal?

Colby Covington took to his official Instagram and Twitter accounts and has posted a photo of himself sitting alongside a woman, seemingly playing video games.

Colby Covington suggested that the woman in the photo is ‘Mrs. Masvidal’, indicating that her first name is ‘Maritza’.

Furthermore, Colby Covington has also insinuated that Maritza is Jorge Masvidal’s current wife, referring to her as Mrs. Masvidal. Nevertheless, the consensus in the MMA community is that the woman is likely an ex-partner, perhaps an ex-wife, of Jorge Masvidal.

Presently, not much is known regarding Jorge Masvidal’s current marital status and/or his past marriages, apart from the fact that he was married to Iman Kawa for about a decade.

This social media post put forth by Colby Covington has set the MMA world abuzz with speculation as to who the woman in the photo truly is. However, the vast majority of MMA fans and experts seemingly believe that Colby Covington has posted this photo as an act of psychological warfare against Jorge Masvidal ahead of UFC 261.

Jorge Masvidal is set to compete in one of the biggest combat sports matchups of the 2021 calendar year. Masvidal faces Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title in the headlining bout of UFC 261.

As far as Colby Covington's social media post goes, the belief is that additional information regarding Maritza Masvidal could potentially unravel in the days to come.

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