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Dale Earnhardt Jr. finds race car he lost for a year on his own property

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Modified 03 May 2019, 20:02 IST

Dale Earnhardt Jr. loves racing history. So you might not be surprised to know he's got some old race cars stashed on his property near Charlotte.

More than 75 of them, to be exact, in a “Racecar Graveyard" located on his "Dirty Mo Acres" estate.

He has so many cars, and the graveyard is so vast, in fact, that he searched for about a year to find one of the old vehicles.

Earnhardt Jr., who retired from full-time competition in 2017 and is now an analyst for NBC's NASCAR coverage, posted the details of his search on his Facebook page Thursday.

"I’ve been looking for this car for about a year," Earnhardt wrote. "Deep in the Racecar Graveyard is Wayne Jesel’s land speed car that was converted from an old Xfinity car. These cars would compete on airport runways to run over 200 mph in a one mile trap from a standing start. I say I’ve been looking for it because my property manager never tells me where he puts the new additions. That just adds to the mystery of the graveyard."

Why keep dozens of wrecked race cars on your property? Well, Earnhardt is as passionate and sentimental about NASCAR as anyone, having grown up the son of seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Dale Earnhardt. He gives an eloquent description of his "racecar graveyard" on his website,

"Once fast and loud, the cars in Dale Jr.'s racecar graveyard now lie silent and idle, slowly succumbing to the clutches of forest undergrowth. Most are faded from years of exposure, battered and bruised, and some are barely distinguishable as to what they once were. Others look surprisingly unspoiled. But they all have a single commonality; each has a story, and that's why each has been laid to rest in the backwoods of Dirty Mo Acres. They will race no more, but in the graveyard the cars are remembered and revered."

The site includes a description of each car in the graveyard. Perhaps in the future Junior will include directions to each car so he doesn't "lose" another one.


Published 03 May 2019, 20:02 IST
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