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I don't know whether I will go home after a race: Santosh

39   //    09 Jan 2018, 12:59 IST

By Philem Dipak Singh

Paracas (Peru), Jan 9 (PTI) India's top endurance biker C S Santosh feels that his sport is so tough that life is not guaranteed and he does not know whether he will go back home after a day's race.

34-year-old Santosh is one of the two Indians competing in the 2018 Dakar Rally, considered as the toughest off-road race in the world.

He is competing in the bike category for Hero MotoSports team. The other Indian is KP Aravind who is representing TVS Racing.

"In a race like this, nothing is guaranteed. I might start but the first kilometre itself anything can happen. It is not say like a tennis match that after the match I am going to go home. For me, I don't know I am going to make home everyday. So, I keep a lot of faith with the man upstairs (God)," Santosh told PTI.

"Motorsport is different. You put your life on the line. I have some belief and faith on the higher power," he added.

Santosh had a brush with a near fatal accident in May 2013 during the third stage of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. On an extremely hot day, the heat ignited to the fuel spilling from his bike and that left him with third degree burns.

That is why he is superstitious and always wears his gear starting with the right boot and also carries his mother's watch as a lucky charm.

"Yes, I am superstitious but I need to do that. Not only me, all the riders do something or the other like that," Santosh said.

He also said that he does not speak to his parents and other people at home during this rally so that he keeps focus on the job at hand.


"I don't speak to anybody, I am just here myself to do my job and enjoy in doing that. Here the mindset changes. Home reminds me of comfort. I want to suffer for two weeks and go back home. Then I will have my whole lot of people to enjoy with but now I need to these two weeks," he said.

"Dakar is very tough, especially the sand dunes here (in the Peru part of the rally). In India I only race in dirt tracks. Here there are no roads. I have never experienced conditions like this.

"The weather is hot. The dunes like over here I have never experienced. They were massive, huge and soft. I don't think a lot of cars can finish. There were some places in the dunes where there are massive rocks immediately after that.

"Dakar is such a tough event, the body takes a beating. One thing is to work but also to work smart and bring your game to the competition. I want to get out of Peru safely. That is my first priority. Bolivia is going to be hot and wet and that will be a different challenge."

The 9000-km long rally will enter Bolovia in the next few days and it will end at Cordoba in Argentina on January 20.

Santosh had finished 36th in 2015, his best so far. He did not finish in 2016 while he was 47th last year

Press Trust of India (PTI) is a news agency in India
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