"I’ve got the group back together" - Former NASCAR driver reveals return of iconic American car maker to the sport

The 2012 Dodge Charger was the last contender the famed manufacturer ran in the Cup Series. (Photo by: NASCAR Nation)
The 2012 Dodge Charger was the last contender the famed manufacturer ran in the Cup Series. (Photo by: NASCAR Nation)

Famed American car manufacturer Dodge bowed out of the NASCAR bubble after their last season in 2012. The iconic brand, known for making muscle cars and pickup trucks, has a deeply rooted history in stock car racing. From the record-breaking 1969 Charger Daytona to the ever-popular Challenger Hellcat road car loved by the masses, Dodge is a force to be reckoned with.

Ever since their exit from the sport, some fans have longed for the Michigan-based manufacturer to make a comeback. There appears to be a glimmer of hope in this regard with ex-NASCAR driver Robby Gordon taking to Instagram to post a video, saying:

“Big news today. We’ve been talking with Dodge and it looks like we’re going to go ahead and build a Next Gen car. You know I left NASCAR scene when Dodge left the sport. I’ve got the group back together, and we are going to build a Next Gen car for Watkins Glen."

Watch the video below:

The sensational announcement could motivate many fans who have lost interest in the sport to start watching it again.

It remains to be seen if and when we see a Dodge stock car competing in 2022.

NASCAR president tight-lipped about Dodge's comeback

Steve Phelps, the president of the biggest stock car racing body in the world, delved into the rumors surrounding Dodge last year and said:

“It’s been widely rumored that Dodge is one of those or closest. I won’t confirm or deny that. It is important. We’ve made no bones about the fact that we want to have a new OEM in our sport. I think we got delayed with the pandemic. With that said, we are an attractive place I believe for OEMs to come into the sport. Now is an important opportunity for them to do that because of the Next Gen car. I would suggest things are progressing or I would say that things are progressing. When we have something to announce, we will."

See the final Dodge Stock Cark car to run the Xfinity Series below:

Ok @Dodge fans, here is your chance to own the very last Dodge Challenger to run a @NASCAR race. You will get it as she came off the track minus the seat. Flip the switch and drive. Has the R6 Dodge motor! SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY! Best offer over $45k email [email protected]

It now remains to be seen if there is concrete evidence of Dodge's comeback by the weekend at Watkins Glen in August. For now, Sunday's Toyota Owners 400 is shaping up to be a race to get excited about.

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