10 best-selling K-pop albums of January 2023

TXT and NewJeans (Images via soobwhat/Twitter and NewJeans_twt/Twitter)
TXT and NewJeans (Images via soobwhat/Twitter and NewJeans_twt/Twitter)

With February rolling in, Circle chart has released the list of the best-selling K-pop albums of January 2023. The first month of the new year was indeed great for K-pop, with many artists releasing their best albums till date that have gone on to break multiple records.

Fourth-generation groups have specifically done immensely well for themselves right from the start of 2023, showcasing a promising future ahead.

Although both Hanteo and Circle charts have released their data for the best-selling albums of January 2023, this article will focus solely on the data provided by Circle charts.

OMG, Incense and 8 other best-selling K-pop albums of 2023 according to the Circle charts

10) Incense by Moonbin and Sanha


Astro’s Moonbin and Sanha released their unit album Incense on January 4, and were able to sell over 116000 copies of their album in just one month. This is the sub-unit’s third EP that they’ve released and also one of their best-selling K-pop albums.

9) Phantom by WayV


SM Entertainment’s boy group WayV solely focuses on their promotions in China and isn't considered a K-pop group by many. However, they managed to sell over 127000 copies in January of their latest mini album, Phantom, which was released on December 28, 2022.

8) Face The Sun by SEVENTEEN


Despite SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun being released on May 27, 2022, the album sold over 135000 copies in January 2023, becoming the eighth best-selling K-pop album of the month. The album is their personal best-seller, having recorded over 1.74 million pre-orders in the first week of its release.

7) The Piece OF9 by SF9


SF9’s twelfth mini album, The Piece OF9, was released on January 9, 2023, and managed to sell over 137000 copies in its release month itself, making it the seventh-best-selling K-pop album of January 2023.



SMTOWN is a musical collective of recording artists under SM Entertainment. They released a winter album on December 26, 2022, which sold over 208000 copies in January 2023.

5) Candy by NCT Dream


NCT Dream has been on the rise ever since the release of their Hot Sauce and Glitch Mode. They released another best-selling album, Candy, on December 19, 2022, which sold over 237000 copies in January this year.

4) Reason by MONSTA X


MONSTA X released their mini album, Reason, on January 9, 2023, and sold over 388000 copies in the same month, making it the fourth-best-selling K-pop album in the first month of 2023.

3) Ay-yo by NCT 127


Despite being released towards the end of the month on January 30, NCT 127’s Ay-yo became the third-best-selling K-pop album of the month, having sold over 637000 copies. This is the group’s fourth repackage album.

2) OMG by NewJeans


NewJeans is the newest girl group on the rise that have taken over the world with their catchy music. Despite having only debuted in 2022, the group’s singles album OMG, released on January 2, has managed to become the second-best-selling K-pop album of January 2023, having sold over 727000 copies in the same month.

1) The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION by TXT


The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION is TXT’s best-selling album as well as the best-selling K-pop album of January 2023. Released on January 27, the group managed to sell over 1.9 million copies of their album in just a few days.

The growth experienced by all groups in their album sales showcases the spread of Hallyu all over the world. It is reported that BTS’ Jimin is set to release his solo album in March and the world has its eyes on his first official release as a soloist.

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