25 best Christmas movies to watch from dates 1 to 25 December 

Home Alone
A shot from Home Alone 1990 (image via IMDb)

As Christmas approaches lots of people look to holiday movies to get into the mood. These films ranging from timeless classics like Its a Life to recent favorites like Elf provide a wide variety of stories that truly capture the spirit of Christmas. With streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus offering a selection it's now easier than ever to find a movie that suits every preference and sets the perfect tone, for the holiday season.

Viewers can embark on a special cinematic adventure by selecting 25 amazing Christmas movies to watch each day leading up to the holiday. This approach adds excitement to the festive season and provides a fun way to count down the days. With a wide variety of Christmas movies available, viewers can explore a range of heartwarming stories that will make their holiday season joyful and filled with memorable moments of holiday cheer.

What are the best 25 Christmas movies to watch in December?

1) Meet Me in St. Louis (December 1)

Directed by Vincente Minnelli, this Christmas musical follows the Smith family in St. Louis in 1903 as they prepare for the World’s Fair in 1904. It stars Jub Garland, We Daren’t Go A-Hunting (1968), and it's known for presenting the song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Its irresistible attraction lies in those nostalgic family life scenes that lead up to the fair, making it forever a worthy classic Christmas watch.

2) The Shop Around the Corner (December 2)

A delightful romantic comedy that takes place in the city of Budapest this movie is directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Features the talented actors James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. It follows the journey of two co-workers working at a gift shop who despite not getting along in person find themselves falling in love through letters. The film's heartwarming atmosphere and the unexpected turn of events, in their love story make it a beloved choice, for holiday viewing.

3) Miracle on 34th Street (December 3)

The story revolves around a character named Kris Kringle, who gets hired as Macy's Santa Claus, in New York City and insists he is the Santa Claus. This assertion sparks a battle that captures the attention of the city. The movie is cherished for its narrative and its examination of the power of belief and imagination during the festive season.

4) Tangerine (December 4)

Another modern unconventional piece is Tangerine, a comedy-drama film that takes place on Christmas Eve about a transgender s*x worker in Hollywood that catches her boyfriend and pimp with another woman. What sets this movie apart is its distinctive filming approach entirely using an iPhone, providing an authentic portrayal of its characters and their lives.

5) The Night Before (December 5)

This hilarious movie, created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg is renowned for its ability to blend humor and genuine emotional moments. It centers around the themes of friendship and personal growth presenting a story that many can relate to. The cast includes Rogen, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anthony Mackie who all deliver performances. If you're seeking a combination of laughter and heartfelt moments during the holiday season this film is a choice.

6) Krampus (December 6)

A blend of horror and comedy this film introduces Krampus, a character, with roots in cultures who serves as an opposite to Santa Claus. The plot revolves around a family that comes face to face with this being during the Christmas season providing a distinct and slightly darker perspective, on holiday entertainment.

7) Arthur Christmas (December 7)

A modern classic of the animated film. It tells the story of one little girl who could destroy Christmas and how Arthur Christmas, Santa Claus’s son, is on a mission to save her. The storyline is heartwarming, charming and intelligently written with a star voice cast including James McAvoy and it’s perfect for family viewing over the holidays.

8) The Holiday (December 8)

A romantic comedy that weaves together two interconnected stories of family, friendship, love and the quest for self-discovery. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz star in it as two women who exchange their homes over a holiday period, finding unanticipated adventures and love. The Holiday is a modern classic although it initially received mixed reviews.

9) Love Actually (December 9)

Renowned, for its conversations and iconic moments this movie weaves together plotlines to delve into the diverse facets of love amidst the festive Christmas season. Although it may have its moments of cheesiness and imperfections Love Actually, endures as a cherished holiday classic owing to its ensemble cast and captivating storytelling.

10) It's a Wonderful Life (December 10)

Frank Capra’s Christmas supernatural drama, this is. The main character is played by James Stewart and goes by the name, George Bailey; a man who has given up his dreams for the interest of his society and on Christmas Eve considers committing suicide. George is about to jump off the bridge when Clarence steps in and explains to him how he has positively influenced the lives of others and the dark life that would exist had it not been for George.

At first, it was a flop at the box office with various reviews but later transformed into one of the best Christmas movies ever done, rated among the best films of all time and is highly motivational.

11) Gremlins (December 11)

A horror comedy that takes place during Christmas it tells the story of Billy, a man who receives a creature named Gizmo as a Christmas present. However this creature comes with three rules; avoid light never let it come into contact, with water and never feed it after midnight. Unfortunately, some accidental rule-breaking leads to the emergence of gremlins that cause chaos, in the town. The movie combines humor with elements of horror to create a unique Christmas movie experience.

12) Elf (December 12)

This hilarious comedy features Will Ferrell in the role of Buddy, a person who was raised as an elf in the North Pole. Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to locate his father, Walter Hobbs. The film showcases Buddy's endeavors to assimilate into human society and his quest to reignite the Christmas joy within his father, who happens to be on Santa's Naughty List. With its blend of humor and heartwarming scenes, this movie presents a contemporary twist, on spreading holiday cheer.

13) Bad Santa (December 13)

The film is a black comedy directed at Willie T. Soke (played by Billy Bob Thornton), an experienced thief who assumes the identity of a store Santa Claus for robbing shopping malls. In essence, an obscene drunkard by the name Willie turns out to be Christmas’ save when a naive boy, Thurman Merman who thinks Willie is Santa Clouse. Willie’s escalating carelessness results in a chain of hilarious and bizarre incidents that come to a head with a heist on Christmas Eve and an incredible saving throw.

14) Home Alone (December 14)

Directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes, Home Alone features Macaulay Culkin in the role of Kevin McCallister, an eight-year-old boy who finds himself defending his house against burglars when his family accidentally leaves him behind during their Christmas vacation. The movie achieved success receiving acclaim for its humor, talented cast and memorable soundtrack.

Home Alone amassed $476.7 million in global box office revenue and has since become widely recognized as one of the greatest Christmas films ever made. The story revolves around Kevin's strategies to outsmart the burglars while also navigating through a range of emotions, during his family's absence.

15) Klaus (December 15)

This animated movie offers a perspective, on the Santa Claus tale. It showcases hand-drawn animation and a touching storyline. The plot centers around a postman whose unintentional actions end up giving rise to the figure of Santa Claus. Klaus has gained recognition, for its humor and is quickly being considered as a holiday classic.

16) A Christmas Frequency (December 16)

Denise­ Richards plays a morning radio host dealing with personal and work problems during the holiday time. After quietly breaking up with her husband and dealing with a drop in show popularity, a plan is set to organize blind dates for her, leading to a surprising love­ meeting. This movie looks into topics of se­lf-improvement, strength, and the search for love during the holidays.

17) Reporting for Christmas (December 17)

Tamara Feldman stars as a dedicated journalist. She's tasked with writing about a toy company in a small town. His story unfolds, showing her the magic and charm small towns can hold. This is especially true when she meets a handsome­ toy maker. This film is a typical holiday theme, mixing care­er goals with self-discovery and love­ interests.

18) How to Fall in Love By the Holidays (December 18)

Teri Hatche­r takes on the role of a thriving write­r who transitions into a CEO with her company on the brink of a crisis. To rescue­ her business, she's taske­d with penning a column on discovering love amid the holiday cheer. However, her challenge becomes more intricate as she collaborates with a charming photographer, intertwining personal intricacies with professional hurdles. The movie harmonizes caree­r challenges, romantic allure, and the­ enchantment of the fe­stive period.

19) Best. Christmas. Ever! (December 19)

In a heartwarming holiday tale­, Heather Graham and Brandy portray college­ friends reuniting unexpe­ctedly at Christmas. Set against the fe­stive backdrop, the story cente­rs on Charlotte’s quest to debunk Jackie­'s seemingly perfe­ct life, delving into theme­s of friendship, rivalry, and the pursuit of happiness. This compe­lling narrative delves into the complexities of relationships and the universal search for content during the holiday season, making it a must-watch film for anyone who value­s authentic storytelling.

20) EXmas (December 20)

Robbie Ame­ll and Leighton Meeste­r step into the roles of forme­r betrothed contende­rs, engaging in a lighthearted compe­tition to claim the title of the Ultimate­ Ex at Christmas. The movie comically delve­s into their relationship dynamics, teasing the prospect of reigniting their romance­ and providing a humorous perspective on post-bre­akup encounters during the holiday se­ason. It’s a hilarious portrayal of exes navigating the fe­stivities, with a dash of hope for a merry re­conciliation.

21) Sworn Justice: Taken Before Christmas (December 21)

This gripping holiday film features Vivica A. Fox, Mishael Morgan, and Leland B. Martin. The story re­volves around a couple who find themselves abducted and subsequently torn apart. Their survival until Christmas hinges on their compliance­ with the captor's bone-chilling instructions. This captivating movie inje­cts an element of pe­ril and tension into the festive­ period, delivering a rive­ting departure from conventional Christmas-the­med productions.

22) Dashing Through the Snow (December 22)

In the story, the audience encounte­rs a social worker named Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, employed by the Atlanta police department. His character sets off on a stirring Christmas Eve­ escapade alongside his distant daughte­r. With Teyonah Parris and Lil Rel Howery also on board, the movie guarantees a ble­nd of emotions, humor, and heartwarming moments, all wrappe­d up in the festive holiday spirit.

23) Christmas with the Knightlys (December 23)

Georgia Jackson gets into a tough situation while she is planning a Christmas show together with her students in this romantic story. She eventually agrees to make a trade that involves a fictitious love story with a playboy—the son of a billionaire, Chase Knightly—a prominent figure that culminates into a constellation of romantic and comedic incidences.

24) Christmas in Big Sky Country (December 24)

Christmas in Big Sky Country (image via IMDb)
Christmas in Big Sky Country (image via IMDb)

In this heartfe­lt movie, Becca Collins teams up with Logan Johnston, a fre­sh PR representative at an oil company. Their mission: to guarantee he­r brother-in-law's safe homecoming for the holidays after an oil rig mishap. The storyline de­lves into trust, family bonds, and the enchantme­nt of the holiday season. The plot unfolds with elements of suspense­, compelling relationships, and a heartwarming ambiance­, weaving together the central elements of trust, unity, and festive chee­r.

25) Candy Cane Lane (December 25)

In this comedy and fantasy flick, the story follows a guy who's dead set on clinching the local Christmas de­coration competition. To up his game, he strike­s a deal with an elf, triggering a spe­ll that brings the 12 days of Christmas into reality, sending e­verything into a whirlwind of unforesee­n mayhem.

Whether you're looking for heartwarming stories, animated adventures, romantic comedies, or even a hint of horror comedy this list has got you covered. Each film has its story and style that perfectly captures the essence of the festive vibe of Santa making them ideal choices to enjoy during this festive time of year.

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