2AM to make comeback after 7 years

The ballad band 2AM makes a comeback with a brand new album (Image via JYP Entertainment)
The ballad band 2AM makes a comeback with a brand new album (Image via JYP Entertainment)

The ballad band 2AM are making a comeback, with a brand new album. The band is reportedly done shooting for the jacket of the album, however, the release date is yet to be decided.

2AM's long-awaited comeback

2AM has been inactive in the music world since 2015. After dropping their third album, Let's Talk in 2015, the members had left both JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment after the expiration of their respective contracts. With members having to enlist in the military one after the other from 2017-2019, 2AM's indefinite hiatus continued.

In May of this year, the agencies of 2AM confirmed that the boy band was discussing a comeback.

In an interview in July, 2AM member Joen Jinwoon stated that he had missed 2AM-style ballads. Jinwoon had also stated that the band was in the middle of preparing an album. He said,

"We are discussing in detail, fun, and positively to return quickly."

Reminiscing about the 2AM days, Jinwoon also revealed why the group worked so well together.

"I think we were able to remain as a group until now because we have respect for each other."

According to reports from September 16, the comeback has been all but officially confirmed, with 2AM members having already wrapped up shooting the album jacket. Though the release date for the upcoming album hasn't been finalized, fans can expect it pretty soon.

This album will mark 2AM's first time together after a gap of 7 years. The buzz around this new release is very high. The group spent the hiatus experimenting with acting. Jo Kwon, having signed on with Cube Entertainment, played the eponymous character in the musical Jamie. Prior to his enlistment in the army, 2AM's Jo also released a digital single Lonely which was critically acclaimed. Im Seulong made a special appearance in none other than SBS' Penthouse, as a doctor. Changmin and Jinwoon too tried their hands at different things. Changmin sang the OST for the drama Revolutionary Sisters, and Jinwoon made his own screen debut, with I can Only See.

2AM was originally part of a bigger group, One Day, under JYP Entertainment. The group split into two shortly after, with one callled 2AM, and the other 2PM. While 2PM focused more on K-pop, 2AM was more comfortable singing ballads.

With 2PM also having made a successful comeback in June 2021, following the release of their seventh album MUST, fans are eagerly awaiting the release date for 2AM's comeback album.

Edited by Siddharth Satish