3 dating advice Friends characters gave on the show

Couples from Friends (Images via Instagram: rosswithrachel, friends & chandler_monica)
Couples from Friends (Images via Instagram: rosswithrachel, friends & chandler_monica)

Friends need no introduction to sitcom lovers from all across the globe. The show has entertained generations and no matter how many times one has watched the episodes, they will always be up for a rewatch.

Apart from all the fun and comedy, the show has also offered valuable relationship/dating tips over the years. Here, we are going to talk about 3 such tips that characters from this show gave.

3 dating advice from Friends characters

1) A relationship's health is far more important than winning a silly argument

With reference to the episode "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break" from season 3, we see Ross and Rachel are more interested in establishing their version of "On a Break." rather than trying to resolve their relationship issues.

A large section of fans think that the couple could have easily been a bit more flexible on their stand and prioritized their relationship. In fact, similar issues do creep up in the love lives of real-life couples. Those who act wisely and sort out their differences rather than fighting, see their relationship go a long way.

2) Always analyze if you can handle a partner who is much younger or older than you

Though it's okay to see someone who is not from your age group, you should always think beforehand of how to handle a challenging situation with your partner who is younger or older than you by a fair margin.

In this sitcom, we see Monica and Richard as a couple with a 21 year age difference between them. Monica had issues with the age gap. She wanted a child from Richard while he thought that it was a closed chapter in his life.

Now this could have been easily avoided if the couple opted to discuss these prospective challenges before they entered the relationship.

3) Try dating a friend, it might workout for a lifetime

A very crucial dating tip that we get from Friends is that dating a person with whom you are the best of buddies can work out in your favor. The relationship between Chandler and Monica echoes the same.

The popular onscreen couple were once the best of pals, and then they did decide to enter into a romantic bond. Their relationship was so strong that it ended in marriage. This only happened because they had a strong friendship in the beginning that let them understand each other more.

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