3 new Bravo and TLC shows releasing in September 2022

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Stills from upcoming broadcasts on Bravo and TLC (Images via BravoTv and TLCGo)
Stills from upcoming broadcasts on Bravo and TLC (Images via BravoTv and TLCGo)

Bravo and TLC are American TV networks that have aired many iconic reality TV shows from franchises like The Real Housewives and Cake Boss. Often, these shows focus on niche interests and problems, ranging from wedding dress shopping to tackling strange addictions. Despite most of these shows’ seemingly odd premises, they still have a large viewer base tuning into the shows. The audience is driven to watch these shows based on the intrigue surrounding them, which further drives the online discourse.

TLC has some of the weirdest shows ever put on television

Clips from Bravo and TLC reality TV shows go viral every so often, along with memes, quotes, and popular TikTok sounds. Series from classic reality TV franchises continue to soar in popularity, and fans of these shows actively consume even reruns of older seasons. Last month's line-up on the platforms was robust, with releases like The Real Housewives of Dubai and 7 Little Johnstons.

Viewers can look forward to another exciting line-up of shows next month with season renewals of classic franchises and brand new reality shows. Here are three Bravo and TLC TV shows, all set to premiere in September.

Three September releases from Bravo and TLC

1) 90 Day: The Single Life


90 Day: The Single Life is a spin-off series of the successful 90-day fiancé franchise. In 90 day fiancé, the show follows people who travel to America with K-1 visas that expire in 90 days if they do not end up marrying a citizen within that timeframe.

In 90 Day: The Single Life, each season follows six individuals from the 90 day universe who’ve had unsuccessful international relationships and embark on a new dating journey. The show debuted in 2021, and the third season will premiere on September 12, 2022. Fans of the 90 day franchise are excited to see some of their favorites back on screen, bringing back drama and dysfunction from earlier appearances on the show.

Catch the entertaining reality TV show on TLC.

2) Real girlfriends in Paris

Real girlfriends in Paris is a brand new Bravo reality TV show, all set to be released on the platform on September 5, 2022. The premise revolves around six young American women - Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Kacey Margo, Adja Toure, and Victoria Zito - who find each other in the marvelous city of Paris. They each go on dates in the city of love and embrace the newness of their wild and exciting experience.

WHAT?!? The real girlfriends in Paris,WHAT?!?! I can not wait…

Viewers can expect a fun show filled with romance, friendship, glamor, and extraordinarily rich glimpses of Paris. If you’re a fan of shows like Sex and the City and Emily in Paris, you should definitely look out for this show!

3) Sister Wives

Sister wives poster (Images via IMDb)
Sister wives poster (Images via IMDb)

Sister Wives is an American reality TV series that premiered on TLC back in 2010. The show revolves around Kody, a young man with four wives and 18 children. The show explores the interpersonal dynamics of this progressive polygamist family, following their hardships, unique challenges, and struggles of balancing honesty and love.

The seventeenth season of the show will premiere on September 11, 2022. The series has maintained quite a high viewership base as fans are intrigued by the documentation of the polygamous relationship, spanning over a decade now.


The show has been quite controversial, with people often criticizing the way Kody treats women in his life. On the flip-side, people have also attributed widespread social awareness about polyamorous relationships to the show. A google review reads:

Been watching since the first episode. I appreciate their willingness to educate us all about polygamy. TLC has done a great job with a tastefully done show. I really like the show.

Since the family has been filmed so closely for over a decade, fans of the show feel like a part of it, demanding season renewals. The teaser of the latest season hints at one of the wives deciding to exit the marriage, and fans have expressed their excitement to see the events of this season unfold on multiple platforms.

Catch season 17 of this classic reality TV show on TLC next month!

Tune into these reality TV shows on Bravo and TLC.

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