5 best Saucony running shoes of all time

5 best Saucony sneakers of all time
5 best Saucony running shoes of all time ( Image via Saucony)

Saucony has contributed numerous running shoes to the sneaker world. This veteran brand commenced its journey in 1898, aiming to bring innovations to running shoes and it sticks to its commitment to date.

Over its 125 years of history, Saucony has primarily focused on trainers and introduced numerous innovations into this category. In addition to running shoes, they have expanded its offerings to include gym-going shoes, hiking shoes, and casual footwear, catering to a wide range of athletic and lifestyle needs.

As a juggernaut in the running shoe industry, Saucony has placed a significant emphasis on two major functions: the sole and the support. The brand has developed a strong sole system incorporating materials like EVA, Pwrrun, TPU, etc, which enhance cushioning and responsiveness.

Additionally, the inclusion of spring in their designs provides excellent support, making Saucony a compelling choice for athletes and sneaker enthusiasts. On that note, here are the five best sneakers from the brand of all time.

Kinvara 14 and four other shoes come under the best Saucony sneakers of all time

1) Kinvara 14

One of the best-selling sneaker models of Saucony is Kinvara, particularly its 14th iteration. This running shoe is known for its innovative design, featuring a low midsole that sets it apart from the other running shoes.

Kinvara 14 features a shiny mesh upper that is lightweight and infused with absorbing material, enhancing breathability and agility. The innovation can be seen in the sole unit as well.

With the integration of the PWRRUN EVA midsole, the PU insole elevates the softer feeling while its unconventional 4 cm drop makes it a stand-out pair.

This technologically advanced running shoe from Saucony can be obtained from the brand for $120.

2) Triumph 20

The Triumph is another distinctive model from Saucony and its 20th iteration is considered one of the best sneakers in the brand's lineup. This version is known for its true-to-size fit and its comfortable upper, making it a compelling choice for runners.

The padding layers in the upper not only enhance comfort but also contribute to smooth and effortless strides for athletes. While the thick lace system may feel a bit heavy on the foot, the sneaker compensates for this with a PWRRUN + Foam sole unit.

These features not only add flexibility to the sneaker but also provide a bouncy and responsive feel. This makes it a great choice for runners looking for a balance of comfort and performance. This iconic pair is priced at $160.

3) Endorphin Elite

The Endorphin Lite, another best-selling sneaker model from the brand, has mostly focused on agility and stability. The stand-out feature of the model is its toe spring facility that helps the athletes with forward-tripping sensation during run.

The unique design of the sole, featuring the PWRRUN HG foam, significantly enhances the cushioning experience in the silhouette. The curvy sole system adds to the transition to the foot, improving the overall rhythm during the run.

The sneaker is currently priced at $275.

4) Guide 16

Saucony's Guide shoe line is well-known for its high stability, and its 16th iteration brings some unique features and advanced technology to the table. Constructed out of an engineered mesh layer, the sneaker brings durability and breathability.

The Guide sneakers' high performance is significantly influenced by the PWRRUN midsole, which provides excellent cushioning and support. With an 8 mm drop, it offers a comfortable feel for runners. However, the narrow fitting might be a drawback for some individuals. So, it is essential to emphasize the size chart before purchasing.

The sneaker can be purchased from the store for $140.

5) Ride 15

The last recommendation from the series is Ride 15, another best-selling runner from the brand. The pair can be compared with the Nike Pegasus model as both have flexible forefoot, enhancing comfort.

The sole system introduces a new version of PWRRUN technology, which sets the silhouette apart from its previous model. This midsole features a blend of air bubbles that create a light and airy feeling, making it comfortable for runners.

Additionally, the thicker midsole adds stability to the shoe, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable ride. It can be obtained for $160.

Saucony, a veteran brand from Pennsylvania, boasts a huge range of sneakers for athletes. Shoe lines like Ride, Endorphine, Kinvara, etc have helped the brand to gain popularity among athletes. Also, its new venture in casual shoes such as Jazz NXT, Grid Shadow, Spot Blit, etc enhances the lifestyle section.

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Edited by Ankush Das