5 chilling details Lisa Pattison murder case

Lisa Pattison
Lisa Pattison's husband, Scott Pattison, was received a 60-year jail term after he was found guilty in the 2009 murder case (Image via NBC Dateline)

Lisa Pattison's 2009 murder stirred great controversy when her husband was accused of murdering her in their home on July 2, 2009. He then allegedly tried to cover his tracks by removing surveillance footage of him on the day of the murder.

Although he claimed to return home that day to find his wife lying unconscious on the bench with a weight bar pressed across her neck, authorities had their doubts from the beginning. After acquiring the camera footage, they built a case against Scott Pattison. He was tried in court, which led to a series of shocking revelations about the Pattison family. A jury found him guilty.


Let's discuss the chilling details about the Lisa Pattison murder case ahead of the Dateline: Secrets Uncovered episode premiere this Wednesday, August 31, 2022, on Oxygen.

Five chilling details about Lisa Pattison's 2009 murder case

1) Autopsy revealed that a heavy weight was deliberately pressed on her neck using force

When the coroner conducted an autopsy, it was revealed that the weight bar was deliberately pressed upon Lisa Pattison's throat in an attempt to murder her. It was believed that Scott Pattison's description of discovering his wife was inconsistent with the doctor's report. Police stated Scott enticed Lisa to the gym, where he murdered her by crushing her throat with a bar.

2) Surveillance video proved that Scott Pattison was lying


According to Lisa Pattison's husband, Scott, she died while lying on a weightlifting bench with a weight bar around her throat. Continuing his false narrative, he performed CPR on his wife to revive her. He then drove her to the hospital, and was stopped by police, who had also shown up with an ambulance.

Scott told investigators that he got home around 11.30 in the morning. However, the CCTV footage showed that Pattison had returned home at 8:32 am. He was seen entering and exiting the house, as well as walking outside at 9.56, 10.03, 10.07, and 11.38 am.

3) The couple's marriage was tumultuous

Investigators quickly discovered that Scott and Lisa were having serious marital problems to the point that the husband had allegedly filed for divorce. According to rumors, Scott had an extramarital affair with his former lover Stacy Henderson. When Lisa learned the truth, Scott promised to end it but later broke his word.

Furthermore, a friend of Lisa's named Leah Frazier claimed that Lisa had installed internet monitoring software on Pattison's computer because of the alleged affair.

4) Scott Pattison's defense argued that the surveillance was illegally acquired

Sources state that surveillance video footage was undoubtedly the most crucial part of the case. Pattison's attorney reportedly started working to prevent the jury from seeing it. The primary point of Pattison's defense was that there was insufficient cause to sustain the search warrant for the monitoring device.

Pattison asserted that by entering the camera footage into the evidence, the trial court had transgressed his rights under the federal and state constitutions against unauthorized search and seizure.

The Indiana Court of Appeals concluded that detectives presented enough reliable material to demonstrate probable cause, even though the document defending the search warrant contained some old data. After viewing the camera footage, the jury found Pattison guilty of Lisa Pattison's murder.

5) Scott's lover, Stacy Henderson, reportedly lied during deposition


In a plea agreement with the prosecution, the ex-girlfriend of convicted killer Scott Pattison acknowledged lying in a statement. Don Gallaway, Henderson's lawyer, said she made one misleading claim and promptly retracted it.

Stacy Henderson entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of falsification. The 39-year-old was ordered to serve 60 days of home detention, one year of probation, and a 180-day prison term. Additionally, the prosecution agreed to drop the criminal perjury accusation.

Dateline: Secrets Uncovered's upcoming episode titled The Beauty and the Beast Mystery will air on August 31, 2022, at 8:00 pm ET. The episode's synopsis says:

"When a young, physically fit woman died suddenly, her friends and family were told it was a freak accident in a gym; equipment can malfunction, but so can relationships."

Tune in to learn more about Lisa Pattison's 2009 murder case.

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