5 Christmas K-pop songs to brighten up the holiday season

Holiday-themed K-pop songs will make Christmas a lot brighter this year. (Images via Twitter/ @bts_bighit and @bocadohyunjin_)

Christmas K-pop songs are a great way to enjoy the greatest time of the year. Whether or not one celebrates the festival, songs like Mariah Carey's holiday single, All I Want for Christmas, only puts one in a good mood as the year draws to a close. It brings with it memories of good time spent with the family, drinking hot beverages, and a feeling of love.

While covers of popular holiday-themed songs by Korean artists are well-received and festive on their own merit, the Christmas K-pop songs on this list are original tracks. These are tracks that are sure to put even the unpleasant Grinch from the beloved Dr. Seuss story in a holiday mood.

V's Christmas Tree, EXO's The First Snow, and more Christmas K-pop songs to vibe with this festive season


Koreans love Christmas, and the fact that most groups release holiday remixes of their most famous songs that year is ample evidence of the same. These songs remind everyone to take it easy and spend time with loved ones this winter season.

1) The First Snow by EXO


The song was first released in 2013 as part of the group's Christmas album titled Miracles in December. The First Snow is a classic that ends up charting on Korean music streaming sites every December, proving how much the song is loved.

Reminiscing about past love, The First Snow is a Christmas K-pop song about regrets and memories one feels as the winter rolls in. Despite the gloomy lyrics, this EXO song is hopeful, both in its music and production.

Snow may seem bleak, but it is also strangely comforting because it signifies better days in the future.

2) Christmas EveL by Stray Kids


In 2021, Stray Kids released their Christmas single album, Christmas EveL, with the title track of the sama name, and the holidays were no longer the same. Featuring the fourth-generation group's classic sound, this K-pop song is addictive and stylish.

Self-produced like all their other music, Christmas EveL's music video presents an interesting premise - what if Santa was unable to deliver presents and had to assign his elves, Stray Kids, to do it for him? Playing as a short film with the song playing in the background, this Christmas K-pop song deserves a place on everyone's holiday playlist.

3) Merry and Happy by TWICE


Released in a repackaged version of their debut studio album, Merry and Happy was penned by J. Y. Park, the CEO of their label, JYP Entertainment. If The First Snow serves to remind one of past lovers, this TWICE Christmas K-pop song is about the anticipation and joy of new affections during the holidays.

The festive season used to be lonely, but this year, that special someone made it happier and more magical. A perfect song for couples in the honeymoon phase, Merry and Happy is sure to make listeners ecstatic too.

4) Lonely Christmas by MONSTA X


Not to be confused with the Crayon Pop song of the same name (which is also an excellent Christmas K-pop song), MONSTA X's Lonely Christmas is a love letter to a loved one who is away for the holidays.

Bittersweet due to separation, the chorus is positively making plans for Christmas. Meanwhile, the rap verses seem to lament their time apart, saying that they hate their beloved in an effort to displace their intense loneliness.

Lonely Christmas will resonate with all those who were unable to be with family and friends when lockdowns were announced, making reunions all the sweeter.

5) Christmas Tree by BTS' V


Born in the throes of winter on December 30, 1995, it is hardly a surprise that BTS' V has released multiple solo songs about the season that touches hearts. In his third OST, Kim Tae-hyung conveys the emotions of the protagonist of Our Beloved Summer, full of wistful longing enhanced by his vocal timbre.

The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, and broke many records that were unprecedented for a virtually unpromoted Christmas K-pop song. Christmas Tree deserves a position on all holiday festive playlists to brighten moods and cheer weary souls.

The holiday season, whether it be nostalgic and melancholic or bright and lively, is sure to be elevated by the inclusion of these Christmas K-pop songs.

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