From Rachel Zegler to Liu Yifei, a look at Disney princesses from recent times

Disney princesses in modern times (Image via @yifei_cc/Instagram, @beautyandthebeast/Instagram)
Disney princesses in modern times (Image via @yifei_cc/Instagram, @beautyandthebeast/Instagram)

Disney princesses are breaking several stereotypes and giving life to warriors. Live-action fairytale movies have either hit theaters years ago or are still making headlines. While Snow White has various adaptations, each unique in its own way, the classic is yet again in the making with Latina actress Rachel Zegler as Snow White.

Rachel Zegler stands up for her Latinx heritage and has been given a platform to represent the same. She has been making headlines for her role in West Side Story, and fans hope to see her in action with Disney as soon as possible.

From Zegler to Liu Yifei, Disney has been representing princesses as different and strong characters. Mulan is a warrior princess, and Liu Yifei proves it by blending into the character. Every remake has turned the damsels in distress into women holding immense strength, power, and influence.

These actresses have been reshaping Disney princesses to show courage and potential.

Five Disney princesses from recent times

1) Emma Watson as Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's recent Beauty and the Beast broke records as one of Disney's greatest movies. Popular as the brave little Hermione from the Harry Potter series, she reconnected to the world of magic.

Redefining Belle's character, she added a hint of courage and independence to the Disney princess by going against society's norms and falling in love with a despised beast. Bright Side reported:

"She accepted the role of Belle because she is an independent woman, with a very open mind, and because she thinks that she is a good role model."

2) Rachel Zegler as Snow White

West Side Story star Rachel Zegler has been cast as Snow White, becoming the first Latina to represent the character of Snow White. Although the princess's story has had several other adaptations, this live-action piece is an awaited movie.

The actress has only recently risen to fame and while most of the world is yet to meet her, she has the chance to portray her Latinx culture. Working with Disney, she is about to make massive progress in the industry.

People are looking forward to seeing how the rising star will shape the unforgotten tale.

3) Kristen Stewart as Snow White in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'


Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman is the most accurate representation of a fierce modern princess that the world needs. A remake of the fairytale, it does not disrupt the essence of the classic Snow White.

Reportedly, Kristen Stewart had to overcome her fear of horses while shooting many of the battle scenes.

Playing a rather aggressive Snow White, Stewart has held on to every detail, perfecting her role. As a princess who goes to war for her Kingdom, her people are dependent on her to save them from the dark times.

4) Liu Yifei as 'Mulan'

Liu Yifei as Mulan (Image via @yifei_cc/Instagram)
Liu Yifei as Mulan (Image via @yifei_cc/Instagram)

Mulan is about a warrior princess, and Liu Yifei played the character flawlessly. According to reports, the actress performed most of her scenes on her own rather than depending on a stunt double. She rode horses, performed martial arts combats, and participated in scenes consisting of sword-fighting.

Being able to perform her scenes physically, Liu Yifei could relate to her character in depth. This resulted in her excelling in her role. Not only is she an exceptional actress, but also a well-known singer and model.

5) Lily James as Cinderella

Cinderella has come a long way since its release, with a damsel in distress to a woman who stands up for herself. She can also stitch her own dresses now. Lily James played her character with elegance and beauty as she took Cinderella's charms to a completely new, unbeatable level.

Lily's strength and resilient traits, along with a pinch of grace and elegance, turned Cinderella's delicate character into a powerful princess. Cinderella's kind and forgiving features were well represented by James in the movie.

One must also note the considerable changes in princess characters as they have turned into warriors. The film remakes have given these unforgettable princesses the opportunity to evolve with time.

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