5 fashion trends BLACKPINK's Jennie started in Korea

Stills of BLACKPINK's Jennie (Image via @jenniesarchive/Twitter)
Stills of BLACKPINK's Jennie (Image via @jenniesarchive/Twitter)

BLACKPINK's Jennie has always been in the news for how she carries herself. Her sense of style and fashion are the envy of many. This is also why she is the brand ambassador for so many luxury brands, such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Gente Monster, to name a few.

From bleached bangs to graphic eyeliners, Jennie has tried out various trends and popularized them, especially in Korea. Once seen wearing something, it becomes a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens on social media.

Popular trends initiated by BLACKPINK's Jennie

1) Glitter hair clips

Jennie’s hairpins she wore during her SOLO stages were trending on Naver, bringing about a new wave in Korea. She matched her hair accessory with each of her outfits, which soon became a craze around the world. These glittery clips, now known as the Jennie clips, were sold by almost every accessory retailer.

2) Crescent moon printed tops

She first wore these clothes in her teaser for BLACKPINK's song Ddu-du Ddu-du and even on the comeback stages for the same. The body-hugging nude crescent moon top caught the eye of the viewers. Jennie made a piece of clothing that was so absurd and straightforward looking work, to the surprise of many.

3) Gucci bow brooch

Jennie made waves in her schoolgirl plaid outfit styled with a Gucci bow brooch during her MMA 2016 appearance. Korean netizens started using the hashtag Jennie brooch to find similar knock-offs. Many other girl groups were also seen wearing matching outfits to the one Jennie popularized.

4) Tweed clothing

Jennie loves Chanel, a luxury brand well-known for their tweed clothing. Jennie is the brand ambassador for Chanel, and soon after this, she was spotted in various pairs of tweed outfits, increasing its popularity in Korea. The sales of tweed jackets have doubled because of her influence.

5) Half button-up cardigans

Jennie loves her cardigans and is seldom seen without one. She usually wears it just by buttoning the middle button, leaving the rest of the cardigan open. This style quickly became extremely popular as more and more celebrities started wearing their cardigans the same way. The trend might look basic, but it adds extra spice to a dull cardigan look.

BLACKPINK's Jennie is a trendsetter, and nobody can deny her influence. To date, her popular trends have been making the rounds, with more and more people discovering them and joining in on the Jennie fashion bandwagon.

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