5 most viewed fancams of BLACKPINK's Jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie (Image via @jenniesarchive/Twitter)
BLACKPINK’s Jennie (Image via @jenniesarchive/Twitter)

BLACKPINK's Jennie has made a mark in the K-pop industry because of her impeccable style. She is a fashion icon and has millions of people trying to emulate her style.

No one can deny that she is a beautiful lady who shows off her effortless skills during performances. As one of the most popular members of the group, especially in Korea, her fancams are very popular.

Due to her loveable personality and powerful performances, people continuously rewatch her fancams. Not only the performances, but Jennie's outfits are also an inspiration to many cover artists who attempt to look like her. She has popularized various trends in Korea.

BLACKPINK Jennie's top 5 fancams



In fifth place is Jennie's DDU-DU DDU-DU fancam, uploaded on the official BLACKPINK channel in 2018, which has received over nine million views. Her rap in this song is loved by the majority of the listeners. Her powerful lyrics, combined with the heated performance, increased the rewatch quality of this video.



Coming in fourth place is Jennie's performance of her debut song BOOMBAYAH, uploaded by a fan on their channel in 2017. This unofficial fancam has garnered 9.4 million views.

Jennie's baby face paired with her intense performance of this powerhouse of a song really struck a chord with the viewers, and hence it is so greatly watched.

3) Don't Know What To Do


In third place is Jennie's solo fancam of BLACKPINK's performance of Don't Know What To Do, uploaded in 2019 to their official BLACKPINK channel. This video accumulated over 10 million views in just four years. Jennie's girlish charm, soft vocals, and cute expressions really drew people to this fancam.

2) Kill This Love and Don't Know What To Do


Second place goes to Jennie's fancam of Kill This Love and Don't Know What To Do performance that was uploaded by the fan, BIMONG, on their channel in 2019. This unofficial fancam crossed 15 million views in 2022 despite it being longer than traditional fancams.

The contrast between the two songs and Jennie's ability to switch from a soft to strong performance as soon as the tune changed was appreciated by BLINKs.



In first place is Jennie's iconic performance of her solo debut single, SOLO. It was uploaded by the fan Paint it Black on their YouTube channel in 2019. This video has garnered a whopping 23 million views despite being an unofficial fancam.

Jennie looked gorgeous in her legendary red dress is talked about to date. Her expressions and vocals were unmatched in this performance. Overall, this fancam represents who Jennie is at her best, and clearly, the views agree.

Jennie is also a brand ambassador for many well-known brands like Chanel and Calvin Klein. She is making her mark in the fashion industry as she has also graced the covers of many renowned fashion magazines multiple times. An icon in the making, fans definitely look forward to what her next project will be, whether in music or fashion.

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