Best era of each BLACKPINK member

The girl group has achieved success in a short amount of time (Image via YG Entertainment)
The girl group has achieved success in a short amount of time (Image via YG Entertainment)

BLACKPINK has earned the distinction of being the most well-known K-pop girl group and that is something that cannot be taken lightly. In an industry where there are almost too many groups, BLACKPINK has managed to carve out a niche for themselves.

With hit songs like How You LIke That, DDU-DU DDU-DU, and Kill This Love, BLACKPINK has shown that their songs are diverse, catchy, and will stay with you. It is for that reason that they have broken records and made chartbusters after chartbusters.

Eras BLACKPINK rocked

Each member adds something different to the group (Image via Rich Fury/Getty Images)
Each member adds something different to the group (Image via Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has proved itself to be a historic all-female group. Cementing their position at the top of K-pop, here are the best eras for each member.

1) Jennie in BOOMBAYAH

It was a close tussle between BOOMBAYAH and WHISTLE for Jennie's best era. But her absolute confidence while rapping her verse cinched it.

When the music video began with Jennie proclaiming "BLACKPINK in your area," she claimed this era. The choreography of this song is high-octane and definitely one of the most difficult ones. Jennie pulls off this choreography with panache, hitting the beats every single time.

2) Jisoo in STAY

STAY was Jisoo's era, because she embodied the vibe of this song perfectly. Her vocals during the line that translates to "I hate you but I love you" are spellbinding. Although she didn't have many lines, the young adult's angst and hopefulness she radiates makes Jisoo own this era.

STAY is considered to be a fan-favourite, with emotional high notes that Rose and Jisoo bring in. But when Jisoo was singing, she held your attention with the sheer amount of sadness she brought with her voice.

3) Rosé in Lovesick Girls

Pink-haired Rosé, singing her heart out is a picture that stays with you. She sings, "Love is killin' your darling," and pours a bucketful of emotion into her lines that one can't help but gasp.

Rosé was the queen of the Lovesick Girls era, and she killed her parts in the song. The music video had her wear black paint over her face, and yet she looked graceful and broken. Her acting during her part was outstanding too.

4) Lisa from How You Like That

Lisa's rap verse from How You Like That is reason enough to claim it as her era. But her iconic black bangs and the fact that she aced the performances during this era leaves no doubt.

The How You Like That choreography was made for Lisa. From her angry face at the start of the performance, to the teaspoonful of attitude that poured in during her rap, Lisa was spellbinding. Lisa ate this era and left no crumbs.

Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have already shone in their solo releases. Perhaps this is a new era, where we get to see the solo achievements of all the members, with fans speculating about Jisoo's solo debut.

A new group album is coming soon too, and the members are stronger when they perform together.

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