5 Gucci timepieces that will surely turn heads

Gucci watches have been in-vogue recently (Image via Gucci)
Gucci watches have been in-vogue recently (Image via Gucci)

Gucci is that high-fashion brand known for its drop-dead gorgeous designs. It offers various accessories, ranging from handbags to jewelry and shoes to watches. Of the lot, watches seem to have taken over in the last few years in terms of design, as fans feel they are exquisite and sophisticated.

Watches make for essential accessories. It immediately lifts the look, adding grace to the outfit. Besides functionality, timepieces make people stand out in the crowd.

Timepieces from Gucci

1) Gucci 25H Watch

At $2,050, this item has a multi-layered gold plated dial combined with a steel bracelet. This versatile 18k gold plated timepiece can be a touch of elegance to one’s smashing dress. It can be a partner to the trendsetters.

2) Gucci Grip Watch

With its unique design, this watch comes in a yellow PVD case. Drawing inspiration from skateboarding, this timepiece has a minimalist look. It has the interlocking Gs motif engraved all over.

This Grip watch, which costs $1,900, can be worth the spend as its distinctive pattern will adorn the owner’s special moments.

3) G-Timeless Watch

The dial comes with the bee interpretation and the double-G brand motif embossed all over, giving it a lucid yet trendy look. The strap, too, is decorated with the engraved golden bees. It is perfect to pair up with any mood and costs $1,020.

4) Gucci Dive Watch

A black matte dial reflecting the perceivable details along with the signature red and green nylon web strap makes this item blissful. It can be well suited to your off-the-cuff plans. Priced at $1,390, this timepiece draws one to its contemporary appeal.

5) G-Timeless Iconic

Justifying its name, this piece is a classic. This timeless iconic is from the Epilogue Collection of Gucci, with a mother of pearl dial. The most engrossing aspect is the mystic cat that is in the middle of the dial. For $1,290, this timepiece elevates the flair.

Timepieces are versatile. They not only go with regular denims but also with sparkly gowns. Every year, Gucci rolls out unconventional and quirky collections, each time with something new to offer.

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