What's coming to Hulu in February 2022? 5 releases that are a must-watch

Five must-watch Hulu releases in February 2022 (Image via @katdenningsss/Instagram, National Geographic/Youtube, @lilyjamesofficial/Instagram)
Five must-watch Hulu releases in February 2022 (Image via @katdenningsss/Instagram, National Geographic/Youtube, @lilyjamesofficial/Instagram)

Hulu has plenty in store for its viewers in 2022. Apart from various popular mainstream movies and shows, Hulu also releases hit originals.

Wondering which new show to watch? Hulu has a packed schedule for February 2022. Not only are they renewing a few hit series, but also streaming classics. From thrillers and documentaries to romcoms, crime fiction and dark comedies, the plate is pretty full.

This US-based streaming service has a variety of shows and movies from numerous networks. The list is long, but we've got your back.

Here's a list of the must-watch top five releases in February on Hulu:

1) No Exit

On her way to a family crisis, Darby Throne finds temporary shelter near a highway due to a blizzard. She has to stick around with strangers when she finds an abducted girl inside a van.

She soon realizes there's someone wicked amidst the people she is stranded with, and must find out who the kidnapper is while surviving the blizzard. This unnerving thriller will make you think twice before leaving your house.

2) Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship

Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship (Image via National Geographic/Youtube)
Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship (Image via National Geographic/Youtube)

Hulu and the National Geographic Channel's new documentary is centered on the last American slave ship. There was an attempt to burn down the ship to clear all evidence as smuggling of slaves was an unlawful act back then.

It shows the discovery of the ship as well as the lineage of the slaves on it, who have preserved their community's history in Africatown, Alabama. This documentary traces the importance of historical ruins to safeguard one's roots.

3) Dollface (Season 2)

Dollface Season 2 displays the post-pandemic lives of the characters. Jules and her friends must find a balance between reuniting with each other and steering through work.

About to turn 30, Jules will have to successfully keep her group together while establishing a deeper relationship with each other. The show is bound to leave you in stitches.

4) Pam & Tommy

Pam & Tommy (Image via @lilyjamesofficial/Instagram)
Pam & Tommy (Image via @lilyjamesofficial/Instagram)

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's love story is still talked about in the tabloids to this day, but that's not what Pam & Tommy intends to cover.

Though the romance between the characters stays intact, the story revolves around the drama that followed them a year after their marriage, and their son. Uncover the scandalous events that eventually led to their falling out with each other.

5) Snowfall (Season 5)

Note: Snowfall spoilers ahead!

Launched in 2017, Snowfall has been one of the most-watched TV series on Huhu. There's an emotional twist to it this season after Len Bias succumbs to an overdose of the same drug that Franklin might have peddled to him.

The LAPD is tailing all the gangs, dealers, and criminals, and the operation will sabotage Franklin's plans. How will he get out of it without getting caught by the LAPD?

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