5 of Jeffree Star's Best Songs

Jeffree Star (Image via YouTube)
Jeffree Star (Image via YouTube)

Jeffree Star, the hugely popular YouTuber and makeup artist, has built his makeup empire from the ground up. Many of his newer fans don't know that the multi-millionaire makeup guru once had a music career.

With over 16 million YouTube subscribers, Jeffree Star began his online career in 2006. He founded Jeffree Star cosmetics in 2014, and has been on top of the beauty industry ever since.

His music career started in 2009, with him periodically releasing music until 2013.

Here are 5 of Jeffree Star's best songs

5) "Love to My Cobain" by Jeffree Star - 2.7 million streams


Jeffree's 2013 pop single, "Love to My Cobain" was a huge hit as fans loved his reference to the late Kurt Cobain.

Jeffree's makeup looks were also quite the fan favorite as well, as the catchy song amassed over 2.7 million streams on Spotify and 6 million views on YouTube.

4) "Prom Night" by Jeffree Star - 2.9 million streams


Bringing back high school nostalgia, "Prom Night" reminds every listener what prom night felt like - exciting, stressful, and glamorous.

Fans loved Jeffree's look, especially his wig, which contributed to the over-the-top theme of the music video. It currently has over 2.9 million streams on Spotify and 6.8 million views on YouTube.

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3) "Lollipop Luxury" by Jeffree Star ft. Nicki Minaj - 3.1 million streams


At the height of his music career, Jeffree had the privilege of featuring, the 'Queen of Rap', Nicki Minaj is his song "Loliipop Luxury".

With over 3.1 million streams on Spotify and 5 million views on YouTube, it's undeniable that this funk-pop tune was a fan favorite.

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2) "Get Away with Murder" by Jeffree Star - 3.5 million streams


While electropop was at the height of its fame, Jeffree came out with the single, "Get Away with Murder".

The borderline-rock lyrics mixed with instrumentals became a fan favorite, as the song has received 3.5 million streams on Spotify, as the music video received over 3 million views on YouTube.

1) "Beauty Killer" by Jeffree Star - 3.6 million streams


Currently his highest streamed song and highest viewed music video, Jeffree Star's "Beauty Killer" is a massive fan favorite.

Its pop instrumentals, catchy lyrics, and scandalous music video earned the song more than 3.6 million streams on Spotify and 17 million views on YouTube.

After his music career, Jeffree Star focused on Jeffree Star Cosmetics, as well as growing his YouTube makeup channel.

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