5 K-dramas to look forward to in 2023

The Glory and Island official posters (Images via Netflix and TVing)
The Glory and Island official posters (Images via Netflix and TVing)

The year 2022 has been a big one for K-dramas, with shows such as Little Women, All of Us Are Dead, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, and many others becoming globally acclaimed.

The Korean Hallyu wave has managed to crush all borders and take over the entertainment world, thanks to shows like Squid Game and movies like Parasite that propelled the Korean entertainment industry to new heights.

More and more people are excited for all the K-drama goodness coming their way in 2023. The line-up is fierce as ever, with every platform releasing a swoon-worthy list of K-dramas that will surely be on everyone’s watchlists.

Five most anticipated K-dramas of 2023

Here's a look:

1) The Glory


Where to watch: Netflix

Song Hye-ko starrer K-drama, The Glory, is about a woman seeking revenge on her high-school bullies. The protagonist in the trailer is seen hatching a plan to turn the lives of her bullies into living nightmares.

Thr new year is starting off with a grim drama, continuing on with the theme of 2022 that gave K-drama lovers nothing but tears. The show is set to release on December 30, 2022 on Netflix, and its part two will be released in March 2023.

2) Mask Girl


Where to watch: Netflix

Mask Girl is based on an eponymous webtoon and is one of the most anticipated K-dramas of 2023. The story revolves around Mo-mi who is a plain-looking office employee with a severe complex about her looks. However, she has a great body and hosts a regular broadcast with a mask on.

Her office colleague, Joo-oh, has a crush on her, and when Mi-mo gets mixed up in a series of unfortunate events, he too gets entangled in the mess. His sudden disappearance causes his mother, Kyung-ja, to start a dedicated search for him.

3) A Time Called You

Our beloved trio at A Time Called You wrap-up party !!! Will wait for more pictures of them later 🙌

Where to watch: Netflix

A Time Called You is based on the Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day. It has a time-travelling concept as the central plot, which is currently being used in a lot of K-dramas such as Reborn Rich.

The show revolves around Jun-hee, whose boyfriend, Yeun-jun, died a few years ago, and she is still overcome with grief over it. Mysteriously, Jun-hee ends up travelling back in time to 1998 and ends up as a high-school student with the name Min-joo.

Much to her surprise, the most popular guy at school, Si-heon, resembles her deceased ex-boyfriend. Things take a turn for the worse when Si-heon’s best friend, In-gyu, starts developing feelings for the protagonist.

4) Island


Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Island is a fantasy K-drama where three people band together to save the world from the evil trying to take over. Kim Nam-gil plays the role of Ban who's entrusted to protect the world from all evil, and he's the weapon to achieve this goal.

Starring alongside Nam-gil is idol-actor Cha Eun-woo, who plays the role of John, a priest whose duty is to perform exorcisms. The thrilling drama is set to release on December 30, 2022.

5) Vigilante


Where to watch: Disney+

Vigilante is yet another K-drama that's based on a webtoon by the same name. This will also be the last K-drama for actor Nam Joo-hyuk before he enlists for his mandatory military service.

The show follows Ji-young, a former police academy student, who on losing his mother in an unsolved murder case, decides to take matters into his own hands and seek vengeance.

He forms his team of underground vigilantes who kill those the police can’t catch. In the process, he becomes a fugitive hunted by the Metropolitan Investigation Unit Team.

Apart from the aforementioned K-dramas, many popular dramas of 2022 are also getting a second season. The popular K-dramas D.P and Uncanny Counter are set to return to Netflix with another season sometime in 2023.

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