5 Korean actors who have to enlist in the military by 2022

Kang Tae-oh and Nam Joo-hyuk (Images via Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Twenty-Five Twenty-One)
Kang Tae-oh and Nam Joo-hyuk (Images via Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Twenty-Five Twenty-One)

In South Korea, every adult man has to go for mandatory conscription or military service for eighteen months before they cross a certain age. As such, a lot of Korean actors are on their way to enlist in the army in 2022.

Some choose to do it when they’re called upon while others, such as actor Nam Da-reum, who enlisted at the age of 19, join the military early on.

Unless specific provisions are made because of their contribution to society, the majority of the men need to serve in the army. To do this, they need to take time off from their regular activities, completely cutting off from the outside world to fulfill this obligation.

Let’s have a look at a few famous Korean actors who must enlist by 2022.

Nam Joo-hyuk and other Korean actors who may walk off the stage to join the military this year

1) Sehun

Apart from singing with the group EXO, Sehun has also tried his hand at acting by participating in various K-dramas and variety shows such as Busted. The K-pop idol-turned-actor was born in 1994 and hence needs to enlist by the end of 2022 so as to not cross the upper limit of the enlistment criteria.

EXO-Ls recently rejoiced at the homecoming of EXO’s leader Suho but now have to send the group’s maknae off to the military.

2) Kang Tae-oh

Korean actor Kang Tae-oh has won everyone’s hearts with his superb portrayal of Lee Jun-ho in the must-watch Netflix K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Unfortunately for fans, The Tale of Nokdu actor might have to go on a hiatus to enlist in the military in 2022.

This news will definitely break many hearts, however, one can be sure that Kang Tae-oh will definitely come back stronger than ever with more brilliant and versatile performances after his discharge.

3) Nam Joo-hyuk

K-drama heartthrob Nam Joo-hyuk is also set to join the military in 2022. The Korean actor has established himself as a romance king in the K-drama industry with a filmography list that spans years.

Nam Joo-hyuk is a hitmaker and has starred in various well-known K-dramas such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and the recently released Twenty-Five Twenty-One where he was immensely praised for his portrayal of Baek Yi-jin.

He even managed to get himself featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list because of his incredible modeling and acting career.

4) Song Kang

Korean actor Song Kang will also be enlisting in the military by 2022. It was reported earlier that he would be starting his mandatory conscription in 2021 but that did not happen.

However, since most Korean men born in 1994 have to enlist by 2022, he too will have to join the army to serve out his term. Song Kang has managed to develop a wide fanbase with his prominent works such as Love Alarm and Sweet Home. Fans will be awaiting his return with bated breath.

5) Jinyoung

Singer and actor Jinyoung should also be starting his mandatory military service in 2022 given that he is also nearing the cut-off age. Aghases will be upset with the news of another one of their K-pop idols having to join the military so soon.

Jinyoung debuted with the group GOT7 but soon ventured into acting and has established himself as a prominent actor in the Korean TV industry. His most well-received works include He Is Psychometric and Yumi’s Cells.

There are very few exceptions to the rule and hence, every year fans are saddened by the news of their favorite K-pop idols and Korean actors entering the army, counting days till they are discharged and can return to their normal life. It is indeed a bittersweet goodbye with the hope of meeting again soon.

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