5 K-dramas releasing in March 2023 you cannot miss

March 2023 K-dramas
5 K-dramas releasing in March 2023 (Image via Netflix, MBC)

March is just around the corner and so are the new K-dramas. With a diverse genre lineup, the upcoming month includes legal thrillers, romantic tropes, and something for everyone.

The highly anticipated thriller The Glory will also premiere its second chapter next month, making the March 2023 K-dramas look as exciting as ever.

Last month, we experienced an astonishing list of freshly released K-dramas including Taxi Driver 2, Our Blooming Youth, Call It Love, and more. Luckily, some of them will continue to entertain viewers in March as well.

Here are the K-dramas releasing in March 2023 that you cannot miss.

Delivery Man to The Glory Pt. 2 : Upcoming March 2023 K-dramas you should not miss

1) Delivery Man

Releasing on March 1, Delivery Man will follow Seo Young-min (Yoon Chan-young), a taxi driver, who can see ghosts and help them fulfill their last wishes. He is later accompanied by Kang Ji-hyeon (Bang Min-ah), who has no recollection of her life when she was alive. Together, the two began helping people and also started chasing a serial killer.

Kang Sol and Han Bo-kyung, who together worked on Show Window: The Queen's House (2021) will serve as the director and screenwiter. Meanwhile, the show will be available to stream globally through Viki.

2) Oasis

Set within the backdrop of South Korea in the 80s and 90s, Oasis will showcase the brutal lives of young people, who are encompassed with revenge, and will go to extreme limits to pursue power and money in a society filled with wrong social values.

It stars Jang Dong-yoon, Seol In-ha, and Choo Young-woo in the leading roles and will be helmed by Han-hee of Empress Ki and Yoon Sung-sik of Mr. Queen, whereas Jung Hyung-soo of Jumong will write the screenplay. Oasis is scheduled to premiere on KBS2 on March 6.

3) The Glory Part 2

The thriller from 2022 is returning with a fresh new batch of episodes to spice up the drama from where they left off. The Glory part 2 will follow the ongoing saga of Moon Dong-eun's epic revenge to give the story a perfect climax.

Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Im Ji-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Yeom Hye-ran, Jung Sung-il and other cast members from the debut season will be seen reprising their roles as well. The second part will be released on March 10, and is one of the much awaited shows on the March 2023 K-dramas list.

4) Pandora: Beneath The Paradise

Penthouse's Lee Ji-ah is coming with another thriller melodrama, Pandora: Beneath The Paradise. It revolves around Hong Tae-ra (Lee Ji-ah), who must become the first lady of Korea in order to protect her family. She enjoys a wonderful life with her husband and daughter, however, after her horrofying past comes flashing in front of her eyes, she must build herself again.

Premiering on March 11, the K-drama comes from Choi Young-hoon, who has previously directed One The Woman and Good Casting. The cast lineup also includes Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Hee-jin, Park Ki-woong, Bong Tae-kyu, and more.

5) Joseon Attorney

Joseon Attorney is for those who loves to enjoy a legal and period drama. Releasing on March 31, it will follow Kang Han-su (Woo Do-hwan), an immoral lawyer who uses former lawsuits to manipulate people emotionally. He later matures and becomes a trusted lawyer to help people with honesty.

The MBC show also stars Bona of WJSN, Cha Hak-yeon, Chun Ho-jin, Song Geon-hee, and others.

Lee Han-jun (The Golden Spoon) and Kim Seung-ho (Twenty-Five Twenty-One) will helm the drama, while Choi Jin-young (Queen For Seven Days) and Jung Ho-rak will serve as the screenwriters.

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