“Part II is much more entertaining”: The Glory’s Jung Sung-ll dishes on the second part of the much-awaited series

The Glory
The Glory's Jung Sung-ill dishes about the second season of the show (Image via Netflix)

On February 1, 2023, Jung Sung-ll, best known for his role as Ha Do-yeong in Netflix’s The Glory dished on the second part of the much-awaited series.

The talented actor guested on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block and shed light on the show’s popularity and what fans can expect from the highly-anticipated second part of the series.

Jung Sung-ll revealed that the second part is more entertaining than the first one and that he enjoyed watching it more than the first one.

The thrilling-revenge saga, penned by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Ahn Gil-ho, revolves around Moon Dong-eun (younger: Jung Ji-so and older: Song Hye-kyo) who is brutally bullied and harassed by the school’s most notorious gang of bullies headed by Park Yeon-jin (younger: Shin Ye-eun and older: Lim Ji-yeon).

Unable to handle the pain and torture, she withdraws from school but not before promising her perpetrators that they would pay the price for everything they did to her and other innocent victims. She spends the next two decades plotting the perfect downfall of Park Yeon-jin and her cronies.

Moon Dong-eun becomes Park Yeon-jin’s daughter’s homeroom teacher and also makes subtle moves at Ha Do-yeong, her husband, as a part of her revenge plan.

The Glory’s Jung Sung-ll reveals his character will suffer the most in the second part of the drama


Additionally, Jung Sung-ll dished that his character, Ha Do-yeong will suffer the most in the second part of the drama. He will be angry, and frustrated and hit rock bottom, which will prevent him from rising up for some time. Appearing on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, he said:

“Ha Do Young will be falling the hardest, and you'll see him frustrated and devastated a lot. I think Ha Do Young is the character who hits the rock bottom the hardest."

For those unversed, Ha Do-yeong is Park Yeon-jin’s husband and the CEO of Jaepyeong Construction. He enjoys playing GO (a traditional Korean game) and was drawn to Moon Dong-eun when he first saw her at a GO game, but she had planted herself in his life on purpose to avenge Park Yeon-jin.

At the end of the last episode of season one of The Glory, when Park Yeon-jin finds out about Moon Dong-eun’s revenge plan, Ha Do-yeong also finds out about his wife’s abusive past and connection to Moon Dong-eun, faintly putting two and two together.

Does this popular fan theory include crucial information about the series?

A while back, an anonymous fan’s theory regarding The Glory gained traction amongst audiences on the internet.

An anonymous fan revealed on the Korean forum Wikitree that official posters for The Glory’s cast contain Easter eggs pertaining to the series and its potential ending.

All the posters of the cast of The Glory have the trumpet flower in two distinct colors, white and yellow. The ones on Park Yeon-jin aka the bully’s side are yellow, while the ones choosing to support Moon Dong-eun aka the victim are sporting white trumpet flowers.

The white flower is known as the Devil’s trumpet while the yellow flower is known as Angel’s trumpet.

Furthermore, the anonymous netizen made an interesting revelation that the Devil’s trumpet on Ha Do-yeong’s solo poster is drooping downwards similar to Park Yeon-jin’s Angel’s trumpet.

This means that Angel’s trumpet grows while looking up, while the Devil’s trumpet grows in the downward direction, indicating that the victims who have suffered emotional and physical abuse are silently steeling themselves to battle against their perpetrators.

The anonymous fan detailed that Ha Do-yeong’s flowers have traits of both the victim and the perpetrator. It could possibly mean that he will switch to Moon Dong-eun’s side once he finds out the truth about his wife’s abusive past and that he is the only ally of Moon Dong-eun, whose life will come crashing down.

Interestingly, in the solo posters, all the perpetrators are looking up, while the victims are looking down, as if looking down upon their bullies and only Moon Dong-eun’s gaze is fixed on the camera.

The anonymous fan pointed out that all the bullies in The Glory have the vines of the flowers wrapped around their necks like a noose before someone is beheaded as if to foresee that the perpetrators are going to be punished for their deeds.

Based on Jung Sung-ll’s recent statement and the anonymous fan’s predictions, The Glory part two is headed for a sensational finale.

The Glory will air its second part on March 10, 2023, on Netflix.

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