5 K-pop idols who are of the MBTI type ISFP

Find out which K-pop idols are ISFP. Pictured: Jungkook, Jinhwan, Seulgi, Soobin, Tzuyu
Find out which K-pop idols are ISFP. Pictured: Jungkook, Jinhwan, Seulgi, Soobin, Tzuyu

Many K-pop idols have taken the MBTI test. This list will focus on those who are said to be of the ISFP personality type. ISFP is one of sixteen personality types defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, also known as the MBTI test.

According to the MBTI guidelines, people with an ISFP personality are known as adventurers. ISFP stands for Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Prospecting. They're free-spirited people who are in touch with their own emotions and with those around them. People belonging to this category also tend to be very passionate and dedicated.

Which K-pop idols are an ISFP?

5) BTS Jungkook

Jungkook is a member of BTS, a seven-person K-pop group under Big Hit Music. Fans discovered he was an ISFP after he took the quiz and posted the results on Weverse.

Previously, in 2017, Jungkook had taken the MBTI quiz and was told he was an INFP. In October 2020 however, the K-pop idol re-took the quiz and received the ISFP-A reading.

4) TWICE Tzuyu

K-pop idol Tzuyu is a member of the nine-member girl group TWICE. They are currently signed under JYP Entertainment.

Tzuyu took the quiz in 2020 on the group's reality show TWICE TV. Similar to Jungkook, she received the ISFP-A result. Coincidentally, her fellow members Jihyo and Mina had also achieved the same reading.

3) Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi is a singer for SM Entertainment's five-member K-pop group Red Velvet.

Seulgi, alongside the rest of the Red Velvet members, took the MBTI quiz during a promotional interview for their Trolls: World Tour appearance. Through the results, she learned of her personality as an ISFP.

2) TXT Soobin

Soobin is a vocalist and rapper for Big Hit Music's five-member K-pop group TXT. He is also the leader of the group.

The K-pop idol revealed his own MBTI type in a post made on a fan-interaction platform. Supposedly, ISFP-type personalities make for good leaders, as stated by the Korea MBTI Institute.

1) iKON Jay

Jay is a singer for iKON, a six-member boy group under YG Entertainment.

His personality type was revealed to be ISFP on iKON's reality show iKON TV, after each member of the group took the test. They were later pranked with different scenarios, each of which was specially tailored to their MBTI type.

It is important to note that MBTI types are in no way meant to be certified or an accurate indicator for one's personality. A person's reading can change throughout the course of time.

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