5 K-pop idols who have non-celebrity partners: EXO's Chen, iKon's Bobby, and more

EXO's Chen, Jessica Jung, and iKon's Bobby (Image via Sm Ent., Julia Chesky, YG Ent.)
EXO's Chen, Jessica Jung, and iKon's Bobby (Image via Sm Ent., Julia Chesky, YG Ent.)

Many K-pop idols keep their romantic relationships secret, while some surprise their fans by sharing their dating updates. Additionally, many of these famous K-pop celebs choose to date non-celebrities and create a frenzy.

The lives of K-pop idols are pretty hectic, and it isn't easy to always be in the spotlight. This is also perhaps why dating becomes tough to be incorporated into their lives.

Idols like 2PM's Chansung have won hearts for revealing their relationships with their loved ones. Here are 5 K-pop idols who have non-celebrity partners.

EXO's Chen, iKon's Bobby, and more: 5 K-pop idols with partners who avoid the limelight

1) EXO's Chen

EXO's Chen made headlines after announcing his engagement with his non-celebrity girlfriend in January 2020. Not only did he reveal his partner, but SM Entertainment also announced that the vocalist was slated to become a father. Chen and his partner have since married and are now parents to two children.

Chen shared the news himself through a handwritten letter via Lysn. Later, SM confirmed the news and asked the fans to show their support. However, the details of their wedding are still under the wraps due to privacy.

2) iKon's Bobby

In 2021, iKon's rapper Bobby announced that he was going to enter fatherhood and has a fiancee. The rapper said while sharing the news in a letter to fans:

"I have promised marriage with someone I love."

Like Chen, Bobby is also a father who welcomed his son in September 2021. The identity of Bobby's wife is unknown, but despite it, the fans supported Bobby throughout the wild ride.

3) Jessica Jung

Former Girls Generation member Jessica Jung has been in a relationship with businessman Tyler Kwon since 2014. The two met in Hong Kong, and Tyler soon became an investor in her clothing brand, Blanc & Eclare.

At first, fans did not react well to the news, worrying that Jung would leave the group for her relationship choices. However, after witnessing their strong bond, the fans love the couple.

After the recent lawsuit against Blanc & Eclare, Kwon stood beside Jung and even helped settle the lawsuit.

4) 2PM's Ok-Taecyeon

In June 2020, Ok-Taecyeon confirmed that he has been dating a non-celebrity. As per reports, Ok-Taecyeon's partner is an office worker, and the couple has been together for almost four years.

The couple is still going strong even as the actor enlisted. The Vincenzo actor did a great job keeping his relationship secret but had to disclose his relationship after pictures of the duo surfaced on the internet.

5) TVXQ's Changmin

The TVXQ member also has a non-celebrity partner. Popularly known as Max, the singer, songwriter, and actor shared updates about his love life through a letter that he wrote to his fans.

He mentioned that he has been dating a woman, and the two had planned to get married in September 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, Changmin and his partner married on October 25, 2020.

Many other K-pop idols might be in a relationship with non-celebrities. Sadly, due to strict dating rules, many choose to keep their relationship private. On top of that, to avoid negative comments and online trolling, these idols keep the identity of their partners secret.

Thankfully, K-pop agencies are becoming lenient with the dating norms, which allows our favorite K-pop idols to live their personal lives on their terms.

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