2PM's Chansung to leave JYP Entertainment, after announcing news of his marriage and fatherhood

The 2PM maknae will be betting married to his long time partner. (image via Instagram/@hwang_chan22)
The 2PM maknae will be betting married to his long time partner. (image via Instagram/@hwang_chan22)

2PM’s Chansung left fans shocked after dropping big news recently.

The 31-year old idol-actor, who is currently under JYP Entertainment, announced his engagement to his long-time non-celebrity girlfriend. Chansung also revealed that he is all set to become a father very soon.

Along with the good news, Chansung gave rise to a number of rumors of retirement, after he announced his plans to leave JYP Entertainment in January 2022.

Apart from being a member of the K-Pop group 2PM, Chansung has also had a flourishing acting career, having last appeared in the NaverTv Drama, So I Married the Anti-fan. In the drama, the actor played the role of JJ, a chaebol and CEO.

2PM's Chansung will not renew his contract with JYP Entertainment

On December 15, 2PM’s Chansung posted an image of a handwritten letter on his personal Instagram account, addressing his fans, aka HOTTEST.

The letter, when translated, states:

"Hello. This is 2PM’s Chansung."
"It has already been a cold winter. 15 years have passed since I started promoting at the age of 17. So far, there have been so many things and memories. Infinite thanks to all the Hottests who made precious memories. Today, I am telling you about changes and happiness in my life."
"I have a person I have been dating for a long time. This person has become a safe haven for my unstable heart for a long time, a friend and lover I can talk to about anything. While preparing and planning to marry this person after being discharged from the military, the blessing of a new life came earlier than expected, and we are planning to get married as early as the beginning of next year. We are very cautious as she is in the early stage of her pregnancy, but I am sharing this news with the thought that I should inform you of this fact first."

Chansung requested his fans to not go looking for details about his fiance, stating that she “does not have the same job as me”, i.e. being an idol.

"Now, I ask for your understanding in not disclosing the person who will become my spouse on the road to starting a family because they do not have the same job as me."

The idol also opened about is contract with JYP, and the impending changes in his career.

"Also, my contract with JYP Entertainment, which I have been with for 15 years, is about to expire in January next year. I went through much discussion with the company regarding my thought to go down my own path along with the addition of my new family that I will continue life with, and we came to the mutual discussion to not renew my contract."
"The decision was made through communication with my future as the priority, and the company willingly gave blessings for my bright future. The company is my root and like an old friend, and we will always support each other’s growth. My definite path has not been decided yet, but I will share plans that won’t cause concern to fans."

The 2PM maknae concluded the letter by assuring fans that he has no plans to quit the entertainment world, as he has not yet reached his goals.

"As I relayed so much information today, I am concerned and worried about how our HOTTEST will feel at the sudden news. As 2PM’s youngest member Chansung, and actor Hwang Chansung, I will do my best to impress you in the near future as well. Thank you."

Fans react to Chansung's open letter

Given the news, several 2PM fans took to social media to wish Chansung luck and love.

Chansung when being asked which 2PM members would get married first:💜: *Laugh awkwardly * “I’m not sure”(The Return of Superman Show) #CHANSUNG
WOW WHAT??!!! Happy for Chansung!! BUT WOW THIS IS HUGE!!! 😱😱I think we are all expecting Chansung to leave JYP sooner than later, but he’s getting married next year & he has a baby otw??!!! WOW CONGRATS 🎉🎉🎉🙌🏼🙌🏼#chansung #2PM
chansung being the first in 2PM to announce that he’s getting married and expecting a child while everyone expected it to be taecyeon
Chansung getting married and having a baby I’m so happy for him. He deserves the world ❤️🙏🏽 #Chansung #2PMFOREVER #2PM

Fellow 2PM member Ok Taecyeon also congratulated the Vincenzo actor, commenting the following on the latter's Instagram post:

"Our youngest Chansung I will always cheer you on and be by your side no matter what path you take. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart and be happy!! I love you."
😭😭 taec’s comment for chansung“our maknae chansungie❤️whatever road you choose to walk on i will always cheer for you and will always be by your side. i sincerely congratulate you and be happy! i love you😘”CUE MY TEARS#2PM #TAECYEON #CHANSUNG

In June 2020, 2PM made a comeback after a long hiatus with the group's seventh album, Must.

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