5 K-pop idols that have their own YouTube channels

Find out which K-pop idols are also part-time YouTubers
Find out which K-pop idols are also part-time YouTubers

Despite having an incredibly packed schedule and life in general, some K-pop idols take the time out of their day to pursue other passions. Here's a look at a few K-pop idols that are also part-time YouTubers and upload a variety of content to their channels.

Which K-pop idols have YouTube channels?

1) Apink Bomi

Bomi, or Yoon Bomi, is a member of Apink. They are a six-member girl group under Play M Entertainment. She currently has around 829k subscribers on her YouTube channel, "뽐뽐뽐."

Bomi is fairly active on her YouTube channel. She posts at least once a week, and most of her videos are equipped with English captions for her international viewers. She films a wide variety of content, including travel, lifestyle, food, and challenge-style videos.


2) EXO Baekhyun

Baekhyun's YouTube channel, "백현 Baekhyun," currently holds around 3.63 million subscribers. He is a vocalist for the SM Entertainment K-pop group EXO.

Baekhyun is currently serving his mandatory military service enlistment period. However, the K-pop idol found time between his busy schedule to pre-record videos for his YouTube channel, which have been uploaded in his absence. He mainly uploads vlog-style content.


3) CLC Sorn

Sorn of Cube Entertainment's K-pop girl group CLC currently sits at 752k subscribers on her "Produsorn" channel.

The K-pop idol was forced to unlist all of her old video content due to unknown reasons. Many speculate about the possibility of her label, Cube Entertainment, playing a part in this situation. On August 18, she uploaded a new video to the channel stating that she is back and will be uploading new content.


4) Mamamoo Solar

Solar is a vocalist for Mamamoo, a K-pop girl group. They are currently signed to RBW. Solar's YouTube channel, "솔라시도 solarsido," is currently at 3.31 million subscribers.

Her YouTube channel was created on January 24, 2019. She posts a variety of content, from mukbangs, lifestyle and travel content, to makeup videos, challenges, and even behind-the-scenes videos of her idol life.


5) Day6 Jae (or eaJ)

Day6 Jae, who goes by the name "eaJ" for his solo projects, has a YouTube channel of the same name. It currently sits at 1.22 million subscribers. Along with having a YouTube channel, Jae used to stream on Twitch.


Previously, Jae would regularly upload vlog-style content, sometimes featuring other popular K-pop idols. In the past, Nikhun, Jamie, Kevin, Amber, and Sorn have guest-starred on his channel. Currently, he only uploads his solo music releases to the account.

Edited by Danyal Arabi