5 lesser-known facts about Louis Vuitton

A Louis Vuitton store (Image via Sportskeeda)
A Louis Vuitton store (Image via Sportskeeda)

Louis Vuitton, an eponymous brand, is an iconic name among the contemporary fashion houses of the world. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Louis Vuitton holds a portion of every fashionista's fantasyland.

Established in 1854, Louis Vuitton has been looking good over the years and turned out to be a genius of handbags par excellence. Unraveling more about it, here are some interesting facts and the whereabouts of Louis Vuitton.

Startling facts of Louis Vuitton

1) Brand nurturing idiosyncrasy

Following every season, Louis Vuitton's unsold deadstock is sent back to its manufacturing house in France, where it is either burnt or shredded into pieces.

This is done to maintain the higher brand value of its products. Each item is tracked to ensure that it doesn't end up on sites like eBay, and if such things happen, they find out who is responsible for it.

2) Finest piece made with long hours

Creating a Louis Vuitton bag is not an easy job, as each one is a beautifully crafted handmade piece. It is hard to believe, but it takes about a week to bring into being one handbag. These masterpieces are the result of long hours and precision.

3) Louis Vuitton began as a luggage maker

Although obscure, Napoleon Bonaparte's wife, Empress Eugenie de Montijo of France, secured the services of Louis Vuitton as the packer and box maker. This is how he kicked off as a luggage maker with his aristocratic patrons.

Louis Vuitton worked as a luggage maker his entire life, which he began aged 16. He introduced the first rectangular-shaped trunks back in 1858, post which his business grew tremendously.

4) Vuitton's son is creator of iconic LV logo

Brand's awe-inspiring logo was designed by Louis Vuitton's son, Georges Vuitton, after Louis passed away in 1892. The logo holds the reputation of this high-end fashion label.

5) Louis Vuitton bags are heavy-duty

Louis Vuitton handbags seem to be flimsy, but adding to your surprise, they go through a laborious durability test, where they are dropped from a height of half a meter consecutively for four days packed with around 3.5kg in each.

The zippers, too, are not spared, as they are opened and closed almost 5,000 times, ensuring their longevity.

Just like other fashion labels, Louis Vuitton has its own story. The brand has been a sign of luxury for well over 100 years, beginning with luggage. The organization now provides a range of products, showcasing its distinctness and beautiful craftsmanship.

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