5 memorable BLACKPINK concert moments

BLACKPINK (Image via Twitter/BLINKonSpotify)
BLACKPINK (Image via Twitter/BLINKonSpotify)

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has finally decided to end their two-year long hiatus and return with their much awaited new album, BORN PINK. The album will be released on September 16. However, they’re spoiling their fans with a new song called Pink Venom that will be released on August 19.

After years of almost no group content, the four girls have not only announced a new album but have also announced a BORN PINK world tour, which will start in October 2022 and go on until June 2023.

The group will tour 27 cities all over Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia. In the event of this surprising world tour announcement, let’s look at BLACKPINK’s best concert moments.

5 of BLACKPINK’s most loved concert moments, according to BLINKs

1) Lisa Cat’s Say So

Lisa Cat was not a name given to her by BLINKs for her love of cats. Lisa’s rendition of Doja Cat’s Say So for BLACKPINK’s 2021 virtual concert, THE SHOW, earned her this title from her fans.


She added her own rap lyrics, completely reinventing the song to sound very different from the original. The dancer added a choreographed element to the performance as well, where she sensuously used the mic stand as a pole, elevating the stage to another level.

2) Jennie’s reinvented SOLO

A year ago today, Jennie’s SOLO remix was the main event at BLACKPINK LIVESTREAM CONCERT: THE SHOW

Jennie graced the stage of their 2021 virtual concert, THE SHOW, in a red outfit and braided buns to perform her 2018 solo debut song, SOLO. The song has been a staple for all of their tours and fans were definitely expecting Jennie to perform it. However, this performance was like no other.

Jennie surprised BLINKs by introducing a new rap verse to the song in which she flexed her achievements and amazing modeling career. She even gave a small shout-out to her fans, making them sentimental.

3) Rosé’s soulful medley

Rosé singing Let it be by The Beatles , it's just beautiful! #BLACKPINK

Before even debuting her solo album, R, Rosé had already showcased her versatility on the BLACKPINK In Your Area world tour in Kuala Lumpur. She covered a medley of songs by other artists, such as Let It Be by The Beatles, Park Bom’s You & I, and Only Look At Me by Taeyang of BIGBANG.

She has been praised for having a unique voice and distinct vocal timbre which shone through when she covered the aforementioned songs. Despite the originals being tough to pull off, Rosé managed to do the songs justice.

4) Jisoo’s rendition of Habits

Jisoo sings Habits by Tove Lo

Jisoo is the only member of BLACKPINK who has not had her solo debut yet. Although she has proven her mettle as an actress, she has yet to come up with an album of her own like the other three members.

However, Jisoo did not disappoint when she performed a soulful and emotional cover of Tove Lo’s viral song Habits at their online concert THE SHOW in 2021. Like Lisa, she made the song her own by completely reworking the song and singing it with Korean lyrics instead of English.

5) Changing the opening

[220222] 'Kill This Love' Fukuoka Yahuoku, Japan 🇯🇵 (In Your Area Concert)

The In Your Area tour began in 2018, and the opening song for the majority of the locations was DDU-DU DDU-DU. However, after the release of their Kill This Love EP in 2019, the group switched up the setlist for the remainder of their tour and started their set with their newly released song Kill This Love. Fans were shocked and amazed to see the switch-up and showcased their appreciation with deafening screams.

Despite having only two world tours to their name, BLACKPINK has always put on a great show and made up for their small discography with their powerful performances, giving rise to many great moments on stage.

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